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Home insects

There are such small but dangerous neighbors, the existence of which you can not even guess. Yes, it's about Insects that live in your house Or apartment. Than they are dangerous and how to recognize them?

Today edition "so simple!" Has prepared for you a selection of photos 11Small creatures, which often have to share their home. Know them in person and take action soon! Be attentive: this information will help to keep your health strong.

A flytrap

Home insects

  1. Flycatcher
    In fact, nothing terrible in the flycatcherOrdinary, or centipede, as it is called in the people, no. Horror often causes its frightening appearance and high speed of movement. Home centipede - insect is peaceful and quite harmless.

    Favorite Habitat of flycatchers Are the cellars of country houses and villas,The basement floors and the basement, from where they go hunting, moving through all the rooms. In an apartment an insect can penetrate from neighbors. If centipedes can find in the room a permanent source of food, then there is the possibility that they will stay with you for a long time.


  2. Spider-hawk
    This cute arachnid chooses in the houseA person is dry and warm near the window. In the daytime, the haymaker can remain motionless for hours on the wall. In the twilight and in the first half of the night he searches for and absorbs food: not only plant, but also animal.

    The spider eats small insects. The poison that he has is wasted only on his tiny victims, he is inflicting a paralyzing bite to them. And nothing more lacks it. So be afraid of this long-legged man at all!


  3. Cockroaches
    I think many people know these inhabitants of houses. Cockroaches spoil food products, leather products, book bindings, indoor and greenhouse plants.

    Some of them, feeding on various garbage, including feces, are carriers of infectious diseases (for example, dysentery) and eggs of worms.

    In our latitudes the most common red cockroach (cockroach) and black cockroach. To combat them, there are many methods. One of them is the use of boric acid.


  4. Silverbread (common scales)
    Scientists believe that the scaly is one of the mostThe most ancient living insects - its ancestors lived on earth more than 300 million years ago, back in the Paleozoic era. Perhaps you had to see her in the toilet or bathroom when you turn on the lights at night.

    This is such a thin, silvery, small thing onFloor, which quickly escapes. It is called silver. For the human body, the insect does not do any harm, but can spoil the sugar, flour, glue, book bindings, paper, photos containing starch tissue.

    Gets silverback in the house from the warehouse, when we buy toilet paper or rolls of paper towels. who would have thought!


  5. Ants
    There are a large number of varietiesAnts, and a significant part of them - casual guests, who were brought along with clothes, clothes or food from the street. They do not represent a particular danger to humans.

    However, there are pharaohs ant. This is an independent kind of thermophilic small ants, which in our latitudes, in addition to residential heated premises, can not dwell anywhere.

    Red ants in the apartment - a real problem: They are numerous, spoil the food, can carry the pathogens of various diseases, and even with great difficulty are deduced. In the fight against them, baking soda will help.


  6. Lice
    Lice are small insects belonging toEquinox crustaceans. They just lead the same lifestyle as cockroaches. When a threat occurs, they curl up, imitating death. Are planted in those places where it is constantly damp, for example, water from pipes flows. These insects are excellent indicators of various breakages in the water supply system.

    Lice cause great harm to the roomPlants, and if in time not to take measures and not to withdraw these pimples, soon the plants will die. Preferences are given to hygienic flowerpots, which have a delicate and gentle root system. For example, such as orchid, fern or cactus.


  7. Moth
    Mole is serious Pest in the house. Because she eats clothes, carpets, blankets and upholstery furniture, as well as fur, wool, feathers and such items as animal bristles used to make brushes.
  8. Carpet pliers
    Ticks, unlike most insects in thisList, very harmful to humans. They are able to leave after themselves the products of vital activity in the form of feces containing digestive enzymes. They destroy the cells of the human body and can cause severe allergies and asthma.

    The harm that carpets bring, notIs limited only to allergy, conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis can develop. In the fight against mites will help out a simple mixture for mulled wine.

    Carpet mite

  9. Book lice
    Book louse is a small parasite thatCauses irreparable damage to libraries and herbarium collections. On human health these insects do not have a harmful effect, but their presence can affect the state of valuable things: books, archival documents and on food stocks.

    Lives in the dust and bindings of books. Can damage zoological collections and old books containing paste.

    Book louse

  10. Beetles
    The most common is breadground beetle. This beetle is a big pest of vegetable crops in the fields. But recently it is increasingly found in ordinary apartments. The ground beetle crawls in there only if she likes the living conditions.

    The insect enters the house and on approachDarkness is sent to seek food. The food is crumbs and other food left on the table. This insect prevents sleep, rustles, can fall from the ceiling to the bed or directly to the person.

    And if this bug found, than to profit, the next step would be its multiplication. If the ground beetle appeared in the house, it is necessary to take urgent measures!


  11. Spiders
    This is one of the most common creatures with which a man divides his dwelling. In fact, nothing bad spider in the house does, and sometimes even benefits.

    Because spiders catch flies. There are many signs associated with them, and mostly positive ones. They say, spiders are harbingers of good events. But, probably, if you trust the signs too much, you will completely become cobwebs.

    Many people suffer from fear of spiders(Arachnophobia) and all kinds of arachnids. One spider just does not like it, others can not touch them or panic when they come into contact with these insects.


To overcome their fear of insects,Psychologists advise to reduce the degree of tension by changing the negative attitude towards them. You can remember your childhood and get involved in such a game. For example, give a name to a particular spider. Call it an anton. Or the little girl. Any name will suit you.

Another option: To find the similarity of a certain insect with someone of people. Consider how and in what they are similar. Or imagine yourself a writer and come up with a story of life or sympathize with the "terrible beast." So you can get rid, for example, of arachnophobia.

In some cases, insects in the apartmentAre absolutely harmless, however their separate kinds represent serious danger not only for products and things, but also for the person. Be vigilant and with the first Signs of danger Take decisive action.

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