/ How to take castor oil

How to take castor oil

In our days, traditional medicine as never beforeIs popular. And not for nothing, because this is a real storehouse of effective prescriptions from thousands of diseases! Here, for example, castor oil. It has long fallen in love with women of fashion for its positive effect on hair growth. But few people guessed this use of castor oil. As it turned out, simple Mixture of castor oil and baking soda Can prevent many diseases.

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you how to apply such an unusually useful mixture.

Castor oil and soda

How to take castor oil

  1. A mixture of baking soda and castor oil contributes to the healing of wounds and bruises.
  2. This miracle-mix perfectly fights with warts and papillomas. The result is noticeable after a few weeks of regular application.
    Castor oil and soda from age spots
  3. An excellent remedy for chronic diarrhea! Use the mixture as a compress, putting it on the bottom of the stomach, and you get rid of such a delicate problem.
  4. But the intake of castor oil inside has quite the opposite effect. This is an excellent laxative, which will help get rid of extra pounds.
    Castor oil and baking soda
  5. Mix baking soda with a few drops of castor oil and apply on dark spots on the skin. You'll see, after a few procedures, the spots will become less noticeable.
  6. Just a few drops of castor oil will relieve you of swelling and itching after insect bites.
    Castor oil and soda from warts
  7. A combination of castor oil and soda actively fights with nail fungus.
  8. Daily scalp massage with castor oil stimulates hair growth. Proved in practice!
    Castor oil with soda
  9. Just one compress per week will save you from annoying pain in the lower back.
  10. Regular joint massage with this mixture will reduce the deposition of calcium salts and prevent many unpleasant problems.
    Castor oil and soda for the face
  11. With gentle movements, rub the mixture into eyelids before going to bed. This procedure will help to remove the swelling and redness of the eyelids and easily relieve you of the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  12. And taking castor oil inside and at all will save you from allergic diseases. Take every morning 5 drops of this magic oil, and you will feel much healthier!
    Castor oil with soda from pigment spots

As you can see, a mixture of castor oil and ordinary baking soda can do real miracles, because the effectiveness of traditional medicine - beyond all doubt.

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