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Old age in joy

Heddah Bulgarians - A real good girl. This cheerful lady is a famous psychotherapist. She lived to be 103 years old and until the last day she accepted patients who were very fond of her, and not for nothing! Because this woman was thoroughly imbued with positive energy and love of life, which was easily transferred to others, like a virus.

Redaction "so simple!" Hurries to acquaint you with the life views and secrets of the longevity of this unique woman.

Heddah Bulgarians

Old age for joy

  1. "Old age is freedom!"
    Heddah Bulgarians endlessly laughed and comparedMyself with a seller who can skilfully sell not the best product. But Bulgarians "sold" the old age! She was sure that with age comes freedom, experience and extraordinary confidence that you can do absolutely anything.

    The doctor of the Bulgarians so skillfully painted the pros of old age that the old people and the old women were enrolling in crowds to see her. "It seems to me that they see in old age only losses, illnesses or other minuses. But they do not see that there are many acquisitions in old age ", - said the head.

    By the way, the Bulgarians themselves only experienced the delights of yoga in the 101st year of life and studied it with great pleasure!

  2. "I lived a happy life ..."
    "I discovered a lot of things for myself after 65", - asserted the Hedda. But this is a good reason not to be discouraged and happy to meet old age, which opens up a lot of opportunities for you. Many already in 40 believe that life is over and waiting for change is meaningless. but is it?

    Heddah Bulgarians by their own example showed that old age - it's great! "I lived a happy life. But the happiest were the last 10 years ", - said the woman.

    Active life in old age

  3. Is there any point in retiring?
    The secret of the long and happy life of the hedds of the BulgariansLurks in tireless activity. She lived to 103 years and until the last day of her life she took patients. The woman simply did not understand why to retire. It's so nice to wake up with the thought that there are so many useful and pleasant things ahead of you!

  4. "I like to understand people"
    Hedda loved to work with people, loved to listen and understand them. "The most interesting thing in the world is to observe how people change, how their lives improve, how they begin to feel free", - the doctor of Bulgarians spoke. And the truth, the only regret of a woman associated with aging, was the lack of the ability to record to her new patients, except for short-term therapy.
    About old age with optimism

Heddah Bulgarians have always tried to help patients to accept and Love your age. What does this wise lady advise to meet old age with a smile on her face?

  1. Remember that most of your nightmares are exclusively in your imagination.
  2. Work as much as your health allows. Do not rush to retire.
  3. Search for joy in everyday things.
  4. After fifty, we gain amazing independence from others' judgments. Use it more often and as little as possible worry about someone else's opinion.
  5. Do not grumble at young people, but try to make friends with them!
  6. Sleep well and do not overeat.
  7. Do not get hung up on the past, it destroys your present.
  8. Do not worry about the future, it will certainly bring pleasant surprises!
  9. Show interest and sympathy for others.
  10. Take what is happening as it is, and do not worry because of difficulties.
  11. Thank you for every day you've lived!

You still do not know what will happen to you in the future. So why not just enjoy it every day? You will see that with age, life brings only a lot of pleasures and pleasant surprises!

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