/ How to remove dust

How to remove dust

dust. So small and so ubiquitous. You know exactly how difficult it is to fight it. Completely Get rid of dust Is impossible. But you can stop its persistent expansion.

Dust consists of particles of hair and skin, spores, wool and dandruff of domestic animals, fragments of feathers, paper and fabric fibers. A real nightmare for asthmatics and allergic people!

Creepy? not that word. But do not be in a hurry to worry! We will tell you how to win the battle against dust with the least effort.

How to remove dust

  1. Get rid of the panicle for dust

    How to get rid of dust

    Panicles only uplift dust and carry it in all directions. Better to moisten the rag and gently wipe the contaminated surface.

  2. Change bed linen once a week

    How to get rid of dust

    Dust mites - a real scourge of allergies. They feed on dead skin cells. Clean bed linen deprives them of a nutrient medium.

  3. Hide clothes in plastic cases

    How quickly to clean the apartment

    So you will kill two birds with one stone. Clothing will be less dusty, and from the air will disappear textile fibers.

  4. Get an air cleaner

    How quickly to clean the apartment

    Air purifier Filter out the dust that is in the air. From dust mites, the air purifier will not deliver, but those who suffer from allergies and asthma will help thoroughly.

  5. Take it off the shelves of small things

    How quickly to clean the apartment

    Get rid of unnecessary things - they only collect dust on themselves.

  6. Try to do without carpets

    How to knock out carpets

    Dust mites live, as we have alreadyBed linen. They also do not ignore carpets. If the hand does not rise to throw out the carpet, if it fits well into the interior of your apartment, vacuum it as often as possible. The vacuum cleaner should be with an aquafilter.

  7. Use microfiber products

    How to knock out carpets

    Microfiber attracts dust particles due to electrostatic effect. Modern industry offers not only rags of microfiber, but also covers and nozzles for vacuum cleaners too!

  8. Leave shoes in the hallway

    How to prevent allergies

    During the day, shoes collect dirt on themselves,Bacteria and all kinds of garbage. So that pathogenic microorganisms do not get into the bedroom or, well, in the kitchen, take off your shoes in the hallway. Household, too, accustom!

  9. Sweep daily

    How to prevent allergies

    Where you can not vacuum it, work with a broom.

  10. Do wet cleaning

    How to prevent allergies

    The mop collects the remains of dust and prevents its further appearance.

  11. Rip out carpets and bedspreads

    Cure allergies

    Once a month, arrange General cleaning. Carefully knock out and shake out all the carpets, blankets and pillows. Be sure to wear a respirator!

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