/ How to remove the antennae

How to remove the antennae

In the last century, young ladies with tendrils were considered the mostPassionate and ardent mistresses. Is explained by the fact that they were dominated by male hormones, which influenced temperament and character. I doubt that black hairs on the lips of women evoke the same sympathy among modern men.

In addition to the unaesthetic appearance, the antennae can talk about diseases of the endocrine system, infertility, miscarriage, tumor, ovarian disease. These tips will help you figure out how to remove unwanted Facial hair At home and to which method is better to resort.

How to remove the antennae

6 ways

  1. Disregard
    pros. An antennae is an excellent tool for fighting bothersome chevaliers.
    minuses. Many women pretend not to noticeBlack hairs above the lip, but this does not mean that they are invisible to others! Thin nose, chubby lips, big eyes and fluffy eyelashes - mustaches will eclipse all these virtues.

    Remove tendrils

  2. razor
    pros. Quickly, easily and without cost.
    minuses. The idea to shave the facial hair is not the best. After that your fluff will turn into a stubble, the thin skin will be irritated, there will be an ingrown hair, a rash, we do not exclude also cuts with the razor. And the effect is short-lived: in a few days you will again have to do this procedure.

    Antennae in women

  3. tweezers
    pros. With the help of a good professional tweezers you can pull out hairs of any length. The new ones will appear in 4 weeks.
    minuses. It is a painful procedure, it can cause irritation, inflammation and pimples. After it, hairs even grow thinner, but start sticking out in different directions.

    To shave off one's mustache

  4. hydrogen peroxide
    pros. Hydrogen peroxide absolutely fluorescent fluff. It will become light, brittle, dry and completely invisible.
    minuses. Suitable only for those with rare hairs. The skin quickly gets used to this procedure and the effect is weakened.

  5. wax
    pros. A safe way to remove hair. You can use wax strips or just wax. It saves time, money, and also removes vegetation on the face for 2 weeks.
    minuses. Use the wax is very cautious, following a set of rules. A burn is possible if the wax is very hot. When tearing strips, the skin becomes injured and turns red.

    Remove mustache wax

  6. Shugaring
    pros. This procedure is offered by most beauty salons, as it gives positive results. Shugaring is done once a month.
    minuses. From the first time can not work. You need to practice a little and learn how to prepare a mixture for shugaring.


From the mustache can be disposed of at homeOr you should contact a specialist. Beauty salons offer many types of hair removal, but the stunning effect can be achieved independently and at no extra cost!