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Dollar tree: home care

I do not know about you, but I used to think that Money tree Is considered to be a fat-bearing. It turns out that this pot is not the only plant that brings material well-being to the house.

There is another interesting representative of green pets - zamiokulkas, which has a stronger monetary energy than a fat woman. Besides this vase is absolutely unpretentious in the care.

My close friend believes that she owes her woman's happiness to this flower pot. She was given a green handsome man for her birthday. Being a great lover Indoor plants, She did everything that after half a year of proper care zmiokulkas blossomed! Two months later the girl got married.

Dollar tree

Dollar tree: home care

Key recommendations

  1. For irrigation it is important to use only soft standing water.
  2. Best of all, a dollar tree grows in a bright place near windows that face west or east.
  3. From April to August, every two weeks, the plant needs fertilizing. Suitable fertilizers for cacti and succulents.
  4. Thick, and fleshy stems of zamiokulkas need a support, otherwise it may start to collapse.
  5. Do not forget to wipe and spray the leaves of the plant.
  6. In winter it would be good to rearrange the pot close to the window.
  7. In the summer days take out the pot to the open air. For this balcony or garden.

Vodka zamiokulkas

To ensure that such a "magic" pot is feeling good and long pleased with its beautiful view, there are some Secrets of care For him.

  1. Immediately after purchase
    Gave you zamiokulkas or you bought a plant inFlower shop, and the pot does not fit into the setting of the room? Do not rush to change it! It is important to sustain a short pause for two weeks to adapt the pot in the new conditions.

    Pay special attention to the choice of pots. It must correspond to the root system of zamiokulkasa. A ceramic pot is not suitable, in it the plant can die due to lack of space. When transplantation is taken into account the time of year and the age of the plant.

    Buy a pot

  2. transfer
    Be circumspect! The juice is poisonous in zamiokulkasa. When transplanting, gloves should be used and hands washed very carefully after contact with the plant. For filling the pot, use claydite drainage. At the bottom of the container, put several claydite fractions of medium size, and at the top of the mound a layer of sand.

    The transshipment of young plants should be carried out annually. Every time choose a container that is slightly larger than the previous one. Older plants are recommended to replant as needed.

    Dollar tree planting

  3. Zamiokulkas as a talisman
    Zmiokulkas has a huge symbolic value. He is known as Plant of female happiness. That this flower brings happiness to the girls, the pot must not be bought, but given. And he brings real luck when he starts to blossom!

    According to the teachings of feng shui, zmiokulkas is capable ofTo attract money to the house, as well as another flower-mascot - a fatty (money tree). Only here to wake up the financial magnetism of a fatty woman in a pot with a plant, it is necessary to dig in coins, and a dollar tree is easy enough to settle in your house!

    That pot with zmiokulkasom "earned", itsIt is necessary to put in the wealth sector, which is located in the south-eastern part of the house or room. By the way, before a dollar plant could afford only wealthy people, because it was considered very expensive and a simple person could not buy it.

    Symbolism of zmioculcatus

  4. Features of a dollar tree
    Zmiokulkas is poisonous. Do not touch his leaves with bare hands, they can cause allergies. Try to place the plant in a place inaccessible to children and animals.
    Vase features

Place in the house this plant, and female happinessTogether with prosperity they will live with you for a long time! And do not forget to wipe the leaves of zamiokulkasa from dust. Take care of the tree, and it will repay you! Having told about this article to friends, you will help them to improve their well-being and, possibly, personal life.

And how do you look after the pots? Do not forget to share your secrets in the comments!