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Planting magnolias

magnolia - an amazing plant that, during flowering, captures the gaze of every passer-by. This is not surprising, because after seeing the magnolia at least once, you will not confuse it with anything else!

Magnolias are both tree-like and bushlike. Experienced gardeners prefer to plant plants in small compositions from one tree and several bushes.

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Today, our editorial staff will tell you how to properly plant a beautiful magnolia on your site so that it will blossom from year to year.

Planting a magnolia

First of all you need to know that not all Magnolia Able to withstand our tricky frosty climate. Among 120 kinds of frost-resistant are: magnolia kobus, magnolia stellata and their hybrid magnolia loebneri.

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To relatively frost-resistant varieties include: Magnolia asha (magnolia ashei) and magnolia soulangeana. You can safely buy seedlings of these varieties and not be afraid that the plant will die from the cold. To get seedlings or seedlings best in a small container, certainly with one or two flower buds.

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Relatively Planting magnolias Gardeners disagree: some recommend planting plants in the fall (mid-to-late October), when young seedlings stop growing, others, on the contrary, are advised to land in April.

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Magnolia prefers sites that are goodProtected from winds. Also this plant does not tolerate calcareous soils, so it quickly dies in them. The best place to plant a magnolia is a sunny, slightly shaded area near a fence or fence.

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Having chosen a place for planting, it is necessary to digDeepening: the pit should exceed the size of the root system by at least three times. Having removed the necessary amount of soil, it is necessary to mix it with the overripe compost.

Placing a seedling in a planting pit, you should sprinkle it with fertilized soil. After watering the plant, you must necessarily grind the near-barrel circle.

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