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Weed remedy

Walk every morning for A beautiful lawn - Unreal pleasure. But in order that the green grass looked attractive, you need to work hard, because you must eradicate its main enemy - the weeds. You can tear them out even every day, but they will still appear.

Weed control

But do not be upset and imagine all your vacation at the cottage as eternal Weed control. Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you about the available natural remedies that will help eradicate this problem.

Weed agent

  1. soda
    If you are irritated by weeds that germinateIn the seams between street tiles and other similar places, then soda is an ideal remedy. Just sprinkle it with these places, and hateful plants will not grow there.
    Weed control
  2. salt
    You can make a miracle solution by dissolving 1 glassSalt in 2 cups of boiled water. Fields to them around their plantations so that the weeds do not germinate there. Also you can simply sprinkle with salt unwanted plants - they will not bother you for a long time. Salt will not only kill the weeds, but, dissolving in the upper layers of the soil after watering, will not allow it to grow for a while.
    Weed control
  3. vinegar
    Pour the desired amount of vinegar into the spray gun andSprinkle the weeds, paying great attention to their roots. Do it very carefully, because after hitting on cultivated plants, vinegar will have the same effect on them as on weeds.
    Safe means against weeds
  4. vodka
    Mix 30 ml of vodka, a couple drops of liquid soap and 2A glass of water. Pour into the spray and sprinkle the weeds to which the sun is falling. So they will dry up and will not grow for a long time. On plants that grow in the shade, this remedy does not work.
    Safe means against weeds
  5. <Li mulch
    In the mass control of weeds is beautifulHelps everyone the famous folk way - mulching with organic or inorganic materials. Weeds can not germinate, because they will not receive sunlight.
    Safe means against weeds
    </ Li>
  6. Herbicide soap
    Remembering about vinegar and salt separately, you can notNot to mention and about this an effective tool on their basis. In order to make a killer killer by your own hands, mix equal portions of salt, vinegar and grated soap laundry. Spray mixture on weeds.
    Weeds from the hands
  7. Fodder grain
    Such a product prevents the development of a plant fromSeed. A certain type of gluten in its composition works as a kind of blocking agent against germination. So it is most advisable to use this remedy in the middle of summer, when cultivated plants have already grown up and for them such a tool will not be dangerous.
    Weeds from the hands

Such funds are very budgetary and simple inUse. If you know any other effective methods of combating weeds, tell us about them in the comments. And do not forget to share useful information with your friends in social networks!