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Complex of breathing exercises

when The head is split in pain, The hand unwittingly reaches for the first aid kit for someAntispasmodic. But eastern healers have their own methods. First of all they recommend to regulate their breathing. It turns out that you can cope with migraine without drugs!

Proper breathing

Complex of breathing exercises

  1. Rhythmic breathing
    Take a deep and slow breath. Exhale in small jerks, counting to 5. repeat 2 more times. Do you feel how relaxed your body is?
  2. Deep breathing
    Imagine a point below the navel and try to breathe it like a balloon, filling the bottom of the belly with air.
  3. Muscle relaxation
    Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and exhale. Mentally make all parts of the body relax, beginning with the eyelids and facial muscles, ending with the toes.

Congratulations! You are in captivity bliss and full of relaxation ... for more effect you can include Relaxing music, So that the headache does not leave a trace.

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