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How to open a can

You sit on the nature, fresh air, the sun heats,Going to eat your supplies ... suddenly it turns out that there is nothing to open a tin can with stew! How do you get to the content if you do not have a bottle opener at hand?

Just what our craftsmen will not think of if they get hungry. See what you can replace can-opener!!

How to open a can


  1. Put the jar on a firm flat surface. Hold it with one hand, and take a spoonful in the other. Use metal, because aluminum will bend.
  2. This method is similar to opening a can with a knife. The most difficult thing is to make the first hole. Put a spoon to the edge of the tin can, so that it is near the very edge.
  3. Press the spoon and move it back and forth. Continue to do so until Can lid Not rubbed. Walk around with a spoon all around. Gradually move the spoon, wiping the lid.
  4. Open the lid and lift it up. Ready! Be careful, because the edges are sharp and can be cut.

    See how this guy in the video masterfully managed with the banks!

Now you just will not stay hungry if you do not have a bottle opener at hand. Show this trick trick to friends, he will help them out more than once!