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Security in the hotel

Cheap hotel rooms Are insanely attractive if you're going toStay there for only one day. You can suffer such obvious shortcomings as a poor view, dilapidated furniture and inexpensive bedding for the sake of economy. But there is a problem that stops many from taking a number for a penny, especially if you are in another country ...

Security in the hotel

Tourists are a favorite target for thieves. The heart is out of place if you take something expensive with you, such as a laptop or a good camera. Flimsy doors and unreliable locks - too weak protection from intruders.

There is an extremely tricky trick that will help you to sleep peacefully in your room, even if the lock performs a conditional function.

Hang one glass on the door handle.

Security in the hotel photo

Another glass put over. Now, if someone thinks of pulling the door handle in the middle of the night, you will immediately hear the sound of broken dishes! Such unpretentious homemade alarm is obtained ...

Security in the hotel

Perhaps it is unpredictable and cunning Security in the hotel Useful to me more than once while traveling! I was glad to learn about this elegant reception. Tell me if he liked you.