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Black band in life

Our life is like a zebra, it necessarily alternates with both bad and good events. But some people A period of failure Tightens so much that it seems that it will never end. Only after analyzing the situation as it should be, one can understand how to proceed further.

Black band in life how to get rid

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Black band in life

  1. Try to be honest about the situation. Maybe there's a chance to fix something? Always count on your strengths and capabilities, try to avoid adventurous actions and decisions.
    Black band in life how to get rid
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  3. Try to analyze what losses have occurred in connection with this situation. Perhaps they are not so important for your happy future?
    Black band in life how to get rid
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  5. Look around, maybe someone needs your help more than you do? Be sure to help this person. Emotional satisfaction from a good deed will help raise the spirit.
    Black band in life how to get rid
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Also in order to avoid a series of adversities, many psychics advise making a special A trap for trouble. Our editorial staff is in a hurry to share with you the subtleties of its manufacture.

You will need

  • Cup (preferably toppled)
  • Aluminium Foil


  1. Tightly wrap the mug with foil.
  2. Make 7 small holes in the foil.

Black band in life how to get rid

When the trap is ready, say the following: The black blue sky was covered with clouds, the stormy warm sun had covered the clouds, the troublesome troubles had fallen on our family. I'll go out (name) in the boundless field, bow to all 4 sides, take the magical golden goblet, raise it to the sky gloomy. The whirlwind will rise from the cup to the skies, the black clouds will twirl, the innumerable misfortunes will swirl and drag them into the magic cup. There is a place for them.

Black band in life how to get rid

Hide the trap for trouble away from other people's eyes. The best place is a drawer in the kitchen. Remember, after 6 months the trap needs to be replaced with a new one.

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