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How to make a pool in the country

Sunbathing at your own pool, basking in a deck chair with a refreshing cocktail in your hand ... here it is - a true rest! It is not necessary to go to the hot countries for expensive beaches, it is enough to build Swimming pool with your own hands at the cottage!! While some dream of a place for summer relaxation, enterprising owners have already set to work.

How to make a pool in the country

step-by-step instruction

  1. To realize this grand venture, first of all you need to make a markup of the site where the pool will be located.

    Pool house

  2. You can dig a pool yourself, but this is a fairly time-consuming and time-consuming process. With this work is much better to cope with the excavator.

    Pool at the cottage

  3. In the finished trench it is necessary to conduct a pipe for water filtration.

    How to dig a pool

  4. So that Build a swimming pool With a pond, you should make a deepening for it, and then cover it with insulating materials. The bottom is lined with geotagging.

    Pool house

  5. The top is covered with a waterproofing film.

    Pool house

  6. In the house put a filter unit for the pool.

    How to make a pool house

  7. The next stage - finishing work. The tile is put on the bottom, and the walls are laid out with decorative brick.

    Pool house step by step instruction

  8. The groove for the pond is covered with pebbles.

    Home pool

  9. You can fill the pool and pond with water. beauty!

    To dig a pool house

  10. there are no boundaries for perfection! Look, what a romantic place you can organize in the backyard, if you make a highlight on the edge of the pool.

    Pool house

Do not be afraid to dream! You can original decorate your home mini-beach, plant plants, make a terrace. There are many jobs, but adults and children will be happy with the result!