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Henna hair coloring

Naturalness is now in vogue. Healthy hair of a natural shade is the best solution for women of all ages. But how to change the boring color, without harming your strands? Henna is the best solution, because it is brought to the honorable pedestal not only by stylists, but also by trichologists.

It is not just a harmless natural dye. Henna has antiseptic properties, removes itching and flaking, fights with dandruff, perfectly paints gray hair, gives hair shine and silky, besides it is very cheap. Unlike chemical paints, which are simple and uncomplicated in use, henna requires compliance with certain rules.

Hair coloring with henna

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  1. How henna dyes hair
    When you dye your hair the usual chemicalPaint, then the natural pigment of the hair is replaced by an artificial pigment of the dye. Henna acts quite differently: it does not affect the internal structure of the hair, but envelops it from the outside. in this way, Hair after henna Strengthened by the appearance of a protective shell, and the color is kept very long.

    Dye the hair with henna

  2. Varieties of henna
    Every person henna paints hair in different ways, because the result of staining depends on the natural color of the hair. Before dyeing the hair, check on a small string as they react to the pigment.

    There are several types of henna, which give a different effect.
    Colorless - restores lifeless ringlets.
    Gold - suitable for blondes.
    Brown - can be used by women with light strands.
    Burgundy - a pigment that gives a deep tone of red wine.
    Machaon - a copper shade with a reddish tint.
    Black - colors the color of bitter chocolate.

    Benefit of henna

  3. Henna paint preparation
    Quality powder should be green, and the smell - herbal. Explore it with water heated to 70 ° C. It is impossible to fill henna with boiling water, as it loses all useful substances.

    Diluted mass with a polyethylene bagAnd leave for the night in the heat (21 ° c). During this time, the dye will be released, the infusion will be saturated with pigment. To accelerate the process, you can insist a mixture of 2 hours at a temperature of 35 ° C. Before applying the paint on the hair, add a little lemon juice to it, so that the color turns out to be more saturated and persistent.

    Benefit of henna

    before Dye the hair with henna, Check for an allergic reaction in a small area of ​​the skin. If there is an itch and redness, then this product should not be used.

  4. Application to hair
    It is recommended to lubricate the skin along the hair growth line and the ears with a fat cream so that these areas are not smeared during staining.

    The main rule - the hair should be clean and dry. Apply the dye from the roots to the ends of the hair, it is desirable to stain small strands in turn. Evenly distributed substance throughout the head.

    Shake your head with a film and wait. To get lighter shades, keep the paint 35 minutes warm, 1 hour without heat, and dark shades are obtained after 45 minutes in warmth or 80 minutes without heat. Rinse hair with warm water and thoroughly wash.

    How to dye henna hair

Do not be afraid to experiment with your hair! The main thing - do not forget about the daily care and useful procedures for the beauty and health of your strands.