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How to brew tea properly

"If I choose between coffee and tea, I will definitely choose the second one", - states Boris. This favorite television chef of millions,A true intellectual and an incredibly charming man - a real admirer of tea. Borys Oscarovich prefers himself to make this delicious drink. Black or green - it all depends on the mood. "The main thing is to brew humanly!", - the expert is convinced.

Redaction "so simple!" Shares with you simple recommendations of boris burrs, following which you will become a real expert of tea drinking!

How to make tea

How to make tea properly

  1. Do not boil water again
    Boiled water again - and not water at all, but soup from boiled microbes!
  2. Do not wrap the kettle
    If so furious wanted a bad hay, it is better to go after him to the country.
  3. Do not use the brew twice
    In the east are convinced that fresh tea is a medicine, but the old one is a poison!
    How to make tea in a kettle
  4. Keep tea competently
    In tea pots tea is sour, inPlastic preet, and in polyethylene and does not suffocate! A glass or ceramic jar with a stopper is the best option. In such a container tea will not absorb foreign smells.
  5. Do not dilute with boiling water
    Do not dilute the strong brew with boiling water! Well, it's not that ...
  6. "No" to the metal teapots!
    Metallic taste for tea - a complete vulgarity. Ideal - tempered glass or enameled teapot. But stainless steel - in case of emergency.
    Boris surrender
  7. And the metal strainer is also "no"
    This rule works from the same considerations as the rule on metal kettles. It is better to use a plastic strainer!
  8. Do not boil tea
    Do not put ready tea on fire even for a second, even for fun! And if he did, then certainly drink it, and it will be right for you.

That's all "can not." In the rest - experiment, how much will fit!

The basic rules of brewing tea

By the way, here are some golden rules of tea drinking, observing which you will always get the maximum benefit from your favorite drink.

  1. It's no secret that tea can both soothe, soAnd excite. You should know that the calming effect of tea comes after 2 minutes of brewing, exciting - after 5 minutes. But after 6 minutes the tea turns into a soft drink with a light aroma, after all it is so long it is necessary that the essential oils from the tea evaporate.
  2. Useful properties of tea are revealed only after 15 minutes of brewing, and after 7-8 hours tea turns into a real poison!

Brew tea - the art is simple. But if you do not follow the elementary rules, you can easily spoil such a refined drink.

Be sure to take note of these simple tips, and you will always drink The most delicious tea.