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Causes of obesity

Why are thick, frankly fat people do not lose weight? You can argue and wonder, but psychologists think this is how: because it is profitable for them to remain immense! Im so good.

I hope this article will help those who are obese or lightly overweight, and will change their lives for the better. Causes of overeating And excess weight are hidden in the mind of man. Only having understood with the zamorochki, it is possible to find desirable forms and a healthy body! Frankly, I was amazed at this information.

Causes of obesity

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Causes of obesity

  1. Become more solid
    Not all people think that overweight is bad. How would you describe a fat person? Pick up 5 of its characteristic features. If he is kind, friendly, noticeable, cozy, strong, then something is wrong with your perception of the world ...

    Thick people prefer to stay, whoWant to appear solid. Also those who take up too many duties at work and at home are not in a hurry to lose weight. How can I cope with all this, if I become thin as a sliver?

    How to get rid of this false representation? Find An example of an inspiring person. Someone who not only copes with all matters perfectly, but also looks fit! It will be better if it's someone you know, a real person, not a TV star.

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  2. Under protection
    Awful truth! but it is so. Overweight protects many people from unnecessary affairs, meetings, duties. Any failure is very easy to write off to your excess weight. Why do not I work yet? With my weight is so difficult to go to the country ...

    It turns out, fat people do not lose weight, because fat brings them direct benefit! Why strain, if you can all write off a bad figure?

    Make a list of what will happen in your life, If you lose weight, Adding at the end "but". For example: I will be attractive to men, but they can offend me. I can wear beautiful clothes, but I will spend too much money on it.

    If these statements seem close to you, you should go to a psychologist. It is possible that very soon you will lose weight, realizing that life's problems are not related to excess weight!

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  3. with taste!
    Why do people eat? Not only from the feeling of hunger ... when there is nothing to do, when it is boring, when it is sad, when it is insulting, when it is hard on the heart, when anger takes, when alarming, for the company.

    What is the way to solve this serious problem? Express your emotions! Cry if you want to cry. When an attack of anger, show physical activity! Do not be afraid to tell people what you feel. Instead of silently eating, say: it hurts me, I'm upset.

    When the nerves are shuffled, the best way to get distracted -To do occupational therapy. Remove the apartment, put something in its place, wipe the bathtub ... the hands are busy, the nervous system is unloaded, and yet you do not eat.

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  4. The main pleasure
    When food is the only entertainment, will get fatEven completely inclined to excess weight. The best medicine is a useful hobby! Ride a bike, go on walks, go in for swimming, dancing. Meet all old friends ... if you do not fill your life with bright colors, it becomes sickening. A person eats excessively and kills himself, gaining extra pounds.
  5. bad habits
    You can eat when you're really hungry, andYou can - out of habit. Just because it's so necessary, they taught us from childhood! There is a simple technique that will change the situation in a minute. Ask yourself: would I eat an apple now? If you do not want to, then you're not really hungry. Just want a delicious, you're just so used to it.
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  6. Treachery of substitution
    When you want specific products in a largeThis indicates that a person may not have enough impressions. Not enough rest? I want beer and salted fish. Not enough love? Want a sweet. Food seems to replace something very important ...

    this is a lie. You need to try to arrange everything so that you do not need fake substitutes for emotions! it is difficult. So instead of working on their lives, many people choose a comfortable excess weight.

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  7. Problems in relations
    While remaining fat, a woman can comfort herself,That the problem is in excess fat, not in it. That's why men do not want to start a relationship with her! But what if she becomes thinner and the situation remains the same? what to do then?

    Wives in a few years of marriage get fat,Cease to look after themselves. Of course, husbands do not like it. But what happens if I lose weight again, and his interest in me will not return? Then I will not know what to do at all ... here it is - the position of fear.

    To build a good relationship, you need to deal with their personal problems.

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Causes of obesity in women Often hide in mistrust of the world around them,To men. It happens that women who have experienced violence in childhood, suffer from excess weight already in adulthood. The only way out is to deal with your psychological trauma. Then the physical body will change too!

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Do not justify your gluttony. The earlier you admit yourself to your own fears and your own self-doubt, the sooner life will change for the better!

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Tell me in the comments what do you think about thisAbout. Perhaps you already experienced a situation where the truthful answer to itself changed everything? Help others by telling us about your own priceless experience!