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Washing-up rules

It turns out, such a trifling problem as washing cups, divided humanity into two halves. Some believe that Dirty cup - a sign of inaccuracy and total unsanitary conditions. But others say: a dirty cup is the norm! Shook out the tea leaves or the thick and poured again. beauty!

Redaction "so simple!" Decided to understand what is the secret of those who still prefer not to wash the cups.

Plaque on a cup of tea

Rules for washing dishes

From recent times there is a rumor that not to wash the cup Much more hygienic, Rather than wash after each portion of coffee drunkOr tea. Because the sponge for washing dishes is one of the dirtiest items, whether in the home or in the office kitchen. And with improper cleanliness of the sponge the question really becomes an edge: wash or not wash?

If you decided not to wash the cup, then know that even in using not the cleanest cup has its own rules!

  1. Such a cup can not be shared. It's yours and only!
  2. A cup can not be washed if you drink coffee or tea without sugar, milk or cream. In another case, after 7 days you will acquire a small, but your own colony of mold.
    Plaque on the cup after tea

Observing these rules, you do not have to worry about your health. Even if you drink from a cup during illness, harmful organisms certainly will not amaze you again.

But if you still did not like the idea of ​​drinking from a dirty cup, here are some effective tips that will help keep your dishes clean, and even stain tea or coffee stains.

How to remove plaque on a cup

  1. Mix an equal amount of vinegar and water. Leave the mixture in a dirty dish for 1 hour. Then just wash the cup with a kitchen sponge. easily!
  2. Slightly salted citrus peel easily removes stale spots from your favorite mugs.
  3. Mix a little soda with salt and thoroughly clean the contaminated surface with a sponge. A very effective way to get rid of pesky stains.

Remember that drinking from a dirty mug - Not a crime at all!! So enjoy the hot drinks from your favorite cup without the slightest feeling of guilt.

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