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Relationship between father and son

My son is 8 years old. When he was small, we were not spilled water, but recently everything changed. At one point I realized that I was no longer his authority. He ceased to obey me, began to snarl and hold back. I was helped to build a relationship Advice of the doctor mosquito.

The famous pediatrician told how to return the son's location and become an example for him, without resorting to pressure. These 5 useful tips for a note loving dads.

Education of a son

Relationship of father and son

Advice of the doctor mosquito

  1. Dad can
    Many popes do not even suspect how important their role is in Education of the son. It is under their influence that the character is formed,Habits, world outlook of the child. You can not relax for a minute! It should be understood that everything done or said by you will be absorbed by your offspring for good or for harm.

    "In order to instill a child's respect for the father,You have to constantly put him in a situation where he will see: Dad is smarter, Dad is stronger, Dad can! Papa can do this, which is not given to me, and my father can teach me ", - advises eugeny Komarovsky.

    Education of a son

  2. Joint pastime
    Modern fathers devote little time to children,Justifying it with tedious work, total fatigue. If you really work hard, then try to combine paternity and your activities. Part of the work you can take home. Show your son what you are doing, take him with you to work, conduct an excursion.

    Dr. Komarovsky on this occasion says: "It is very difficult to put a child in such a situation,If the dad talks to the child once a day, coming tired from work, and then there's food and everything else ... but it's very easy to achieve respect when you are fishing together with your child, when you do something together, build together ".

    Education of a son

  3. Be the leader
    Awaken the boy's desire to follow you,Because children learn by the example of their parents. Become a model of a real man who respects women, appreciates the family, endures trouble, achieves his goals.

    "It is difficult to be a leader theoretically. Modern life prevents us from becoming leaders ", - the well-known doctor emphasizes.

  4. Guide to the world of men
    You must teach your son to men's things, become a teacher for him. Attract him to work at home, learn to drive, do sports with him.

    "Therefore, we take the child - and forward: to fishing, to nature, to play sports, to become an example. it is most important!" - advises the pediatrician.

    Father's role in upbringing

  5. Play
    Many fathers are trying to buy off gifts from the child. It is not enough just to put the expensive typewriter or the desired railway in the hands of the boy. Participate in children's games, do not hesitate to plunge into childhood.

    "It is very important for men not to lose their ability to play - not only in billiards or cards, but also with their own children", - eugeny Komarovsky says.

With an excellent dad, any child will always feel happy and confident. These wise advice will help to establish relationships with the child.