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How to treat chickenpox

There are things that every parent must know about! Pay attention to this information if your child has not been sick yet Chickenpox.

During chicken pox, children develop a rash, soreHead, there is terrible fatigue and can greatly increase the temperature. To reduce heat, the doctor may recommend using the traditional "nurofen" or "ibuprofen". You can not do this in any case!

How to treat chickenpox

How to treat chickenpox

"Nurofen" and "Ibuprofen" are effective inMost cases, but only if the child is not sick with chickenpox. At a chicken pox these preparations are dangerous for a life: jazvochki get into a body of the child which accepts "nurofen", more deeply. This can cause Septicemia, Or sepsis, - infection of the blood!

During chickenpox the skin becomes very vulnerableFor pathogenic bacteria, possibly suppuration of not completely healed scars. These antipyretic drugs worsen the situation, and this can lead to sad consequences.

Chicken pox

If your child has caught chicken pox, you should be extremely careful. To treat chicken pox in children Need under the supervision of a doctor, but about such an importantThe moment is worth remembering to everyone who does not have medical education. For example, in the US there were precedents when the doctor wrote out a prescription for "nurofen" with chickenpox. For children it ended with resuscitation!

Please tell everyone! The health of children is something you do not want to risk.