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How to find harmony

Any disease, considered the healer of jung, the result of unforgiving resentment. If a person accumulates anger and a negative in himself, he constantly worries, it is not surprising that Comes disease.

It is important to constantly monitor your physicalBody, no less important - it is sensitive to observe what is happening in the soul. If you have a difficult period, you are nervous and can not find the key to harmony, be sure to read these recommendations. A wise, extraordinary person was a juno, and that's what she was not tired of telling close people: our life is what we think of her.

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How to find harmony

  1. forgiveness
    If you have problems in your life, it does not matter in which spheres, it is a sign. Then you need to forgive someone!

    There is an excellent reception that Dissolves all grievances. Imagine the person you want to forgive,on the stage. Imagine that something very good is happening to him, something he always dreamed of. Let him leave the stage and put himself in his place. Imagine that you are happy and your dream becomes a reality!

    After a month of such a small daily practice, your life will be a hundred times better! You will no longer rack your brains, How to find peace: He will come himself discreetly.

    How to find peace in the soul

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  2. activity
    Do not let your heart be lazy! At least an hour a day walk, walk on the stairs, do not forget to do exercises.

    Activity is important for the heart muscle, if you accustom yourself to a passive lifestyle, you live half-heartedly. It turns out that you are approaching old age and the onset of illnesses.

  3. massage
    Through touching your body you express love for him. Daily face massage, Relaxation of facial muscles will help you get rid of clamps, headaches and insomnia can stop.

    Massage your face at least 5 minutes a day and more10 minutes - feet, neck. Well, if there is a loved one who can give you a massage. But even if it does not, it does not matter: self-massage is also effective!

    How to find peace and harmony

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  4. Thoughts
    Watch out for what you think! Do not spend a minute thinking about people who are uncomfortable with you. Do not think about the bad events that you are afraid of. Behold How to find peace of mind: You need to subdue your own thoughts.

    It's hard to follow your thoughts and train yourself to do it all the time, but you need to try. This is the secret of good health and youthful appearance of many long-livers: they did not poison themselves with bad thoughts!

    How to find peace in the soul

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  5. respect
    Respect yourself, remember that there is no second person in the world like you. Envy is ignorance, and imitation is suicide! Not respecting yourself, you kill yourself during life.

    The realization of one's own value can be worked out daily by painstaking work, paying attention to all your thoughts and all your actions.

    How to find harmony

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  6. future
    Value the future itself as much as you value yourself today! what does it mean? It is important to be able to To deny oneself a momentary pleasure For the sake of happiness in the future. Do not betray yourself never, take care of whether you are doing the right thing.

    It means not to drink an extra glass of alcohol,So that tomorrow is not bad; To abandon the spontaneous purchase now, so that then enough money for everything planned; To give up dessert for the sake of a future beautiful figure and future health; To abandon the temptation, which in the future will entail grave consequences.

    Remember: you now, your health now is the result of numerous betrayals by you yourself in the past. Or, conversely, the result of your good deeds in the first place in relation to yourself.

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So that the body remains young and healthy, junaDrank beetroot tincture to cleanse the body. Course - 2 weeks, then 2 weeks break, and again you can repeat! This tincture will not only help to improve digestion, it will also lower the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, purify the liver.

Beetroot prescription june


  • 1 medium beet
  • 1 liter of boiled water
  • Crust of black bread


  1. Wash raw beets, cut into small pieces. Place beets in a liter jar, add a crust of black bread.
  2. Insist the beets for 3 days in a warm place. Take off the foam and put the jar with the tincture in the refrigerator.
  3. Take 125 g of cleansing miracle infusion 3 times daily before meals.

A person consists of a corporal shell and a soul, and care should be taken equally for both physical health and spiritual health. This is the key to health, happiness and harmony.