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Decor of the room with your own hands

Spring - time for repair and renovation, and if youYou feel the need to make some changes to your apartment, then it's best to start small. For example, breaking walls or painting them in new bright colors. Because even small changes can help to see the apartment in a completely new light.

Decor of the room with your own hands

If the global rework in the apartment is not handRises, but something you want to change or embellish all the same, pay attention to the little things. For example, switches that are quietly dozing in the corners of the house, conceal a lot of Possibilities for decor.

Switch decor

Every detail matters, so why not let these familiar, but so necessary in everyday life subjects, be original and stand out? Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you 11 great ways Updating switches. Let your house not be like everyone else!

  1. Old cover of a notebook
    Panels from the switches are easily removed, soThey are so easy to decorate. For the decor you will need a cover of the old, but such a favorite notebook or notebook. The more dense it is, the better. Just draw a circuit breaker along the contour and hinge the plastic cover base.
    Dense cardboard, as a blank for the decor of switches
  2. Frames
    It is easy to transform conventional switches with small frames for pictures and photographs. For this, glue them to the wall, beat them with nails or screw them with screws.
    Frames for switches

    Creative switch

    Design of simple things with your own hands
  3. Decoupage
    Love to travel? So why not make yourself such a sweet reminder of the country in which you have already visited or are dreaming of.

    Using Decoupage technique, You can apply designer napkins, geographic maps, colored paper and even newspaper and magazine clippings to the surface of a conventional switch.

    Decoupage switches

    Interesting switches

    Cards on switches

  4. For an avid book-lover
    If you have all the racks in your houseBooks or there is a study with bookshelves, then a switch decorated with booklets will be very appropriate. 2-3 cut the back of the book to the required size and stick to the switch. As an option, they can be painted with acrylic paints.
    The decor of the switch from the booklets
  5. Little notes
    Constantly forget what you need to buy or doduring the day? Stick the switch sticky notes, and you'll never miss a scheduled visit to the dentist, and the stock of your favorite coffee will always be replenished.
    Notes on the switches
  6. mosaic
    You can decorate them with a mosaic of broken plates and cups, remnants of ceramic tiles, glass and beads.
    Decor of ceramic tile switches

    Mosaic on electric appliances
  7. Shining sequins
    Looking for an extraordinary solution? Idea for fans of glamor: you can make shining switches. For this, paint the panel with glittering contours or pearlescent paints. Then you can cover everything with varnish and generously sprinkle the foundation with bright sparkles.
    Glamorous switches
  8. two in one
    Not only a switch, but also a housekeeper! This brass-covered switch cover will give an interesting twist to the room design And will free up a convenient place for keys.
    Switch plus housekeeper
  9. Creative stickers
    At the moment in the construction market there are many interesting proposals for decoration. Specially designed Sticker collection Will help to diversify the interior and bring to the ordinary things originality and a touch of humor. With the help of such solutions, you are guaranteed a great mood!
    Stickers for birds

    Original switches

    Notes of humor in the interior
  10. Art painting
    Switch panels can be To paint manually with acrylic paintsUsing a stencil or stamps.
    Interesting painting

    Decor of switches with acrylic paints

    Art painting of switches
  11. the children's designer
    A truly original solution. A great option for a child boy. The young designer will be delighted!
    Lego designer for switch decor

These simple, but rather original chipsWill help you create a unique design that everyone will admire. Realize the ideas you like to life, to make your apartment even more cozy, because every detail is important in interior design!

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