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Women with big priests

Scientists from Oxford University found,That women with an outstanding booty have excellent health and are much smarter than their peers without such forms. To such conclusions the researchers came after a survey of 16 thousand women!

Woman with a big booty

Redaction "so simple!" Collected 7 valid arguments why Women with large buttocks Healthier and smarter. The reasons are impressive!

Women with big priests

  1. As it turned out, a big pop is not only an object of admiration for men, but also helps Prevent Diabetes And heart disease.

    Women with fluffy forms have a lower level of cholesterol, and hormones responsible for the processing of sugar, they are made much better.

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  2. The results of the study revealed: women with broad hips are born more intelligent children!

    The phenomenon is facilitated by a large number ofOmega-3 fatty acids that accumulate in the buttocks and are used in developing the brain in the fetus. In addition, to bear and give birth to a child with a woman with wide hips is much easier than a narrow hip.

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  3. According to Professor Constantinos Manolopoulos, who heads the Oxford University team, "The young lady with larger than usual buttocks lower cholesterol and blood glucose".
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  4. In girls with large buttocks, the amount of hormones leptin and dinopectin is normal. They regulate weight and prevent diseases of the stomach and blood vessels, and most importantly - the appearance of diabetes.
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  5. The subcutaneous fat layer in the buttocks delays the fat particles and contributes to the health of the heart.
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  6. Innovative studies of Pittsburgh and Californian universities have shown that women with wider hips Long life expectancy.
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  7. Women, whose buttocks are more than average, suffer less often than women of more modest forms. This pattern is true only in relation to young ladies with large buttocks, but not obese.
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Researchers say that if your figureLooks like a pear fruit, then you are on the right track. A figure resembling an apple is a clear sign that it's time to take care of yourself and your physical form.

As you see, Massive "fifth point" Good indicator of good health and even intelligence. It turns out that girls, rocking the ass and trying to be like kim kardashian, do it for the sake of health ...

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