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Rules of good etiquette

Do not know the rules of etiquette in the modern world - this isshame and shame. Of course, you can safely say that everything is not standing still and what was actual 50 years ago already outlived itself. In any society there are certain Framework of behavior, Despite the fact that we live in a free world, where everyone decides how to live.

rules of etiquette

To succeed and to evoke respect from people, you need to know Basic rules of etiquette, About which you will be told by the editorial staff "so simple!". Because good manners always have others around them.

Rules of good etiquette

  1. Not sushi umbrella uncovered
    Do not dry the umbrella in the open state - neitherIn the office, or away. It should be folded and put in a special stand or hang. And you will make a good impression on colleagues or acquaintances, and you will not create obstacles for movement.
  2. Do not carry packages
    Cellophane and paper bags are only allowedUpon return from the store or market. The same applies to packages from the clothing of branded boutiques. Wear them then with them as a bag - zhlobstvo and mauvais.
    rules of etiquette
  3. Men do not wear a women's bag
    On the streets you can often see how youngGuys and even mature men carry a handbag. Many people are mistaken that it is decent, because they did so at school, helping a classmate who liked them to carry a heavy briefcase. But it is not customary for a man to wear a woman's bag. And by the way, he takes a woman's coat only in order to convey to the locker room.
  4. Pajamas and a robe - this is not home clothes
    Home clothes are trousers and a sweater or shorts andT-shirt, or a light dress. They should be comfortable, but having a decent appearance. A robe and pajamas are designed to reach the bathroom in the morning, and in the evening - from the bathroom to the bedroom.
    rules of etiquette
  5. The bag can not be put on its knees
    Being on a visit or in a restaurant, do not betA handbag on your knees or on your chair on the side. A small elegant clutch is acceptable to put on the table, a volumetric bag is worth hanging on the back of a chair or put on the floor. And men should always put the portfolio on the floor.
  6. Take off your hat and mittens
    Women are allowed not to remove a hat or panama and gloves in the room. However, this rule does not apply to hats and mittens.
    Rules of etiquette in society
  7. Rule of 13 decorations
    Little is known of the fact that, according to internationalProtocol, the total number of jewelry should not exceed 13 units, including jewelry buttons. Remember: on top of the gloves do not wear a ring, but you can bracelet. The closer to the night, the more expensive the jewelry can be worn. Day walking in diamonds or an abundance of gold rings and bracelets is considered a mauveton.
  8. Who is closer, that and the first
    Everyone knows that I need to let the ladies go ahead. This rule does not apply to the elevator - the man always comes first. But the first person closest to the door comes out first.
    Rules of etiquette in society
  9. Place in the car
    In the car the most prestigious is the placeBehind the driver. It should be occupied by a woman, and a man sits next to her. Leaving the car, he must hold the door and give his companion a hand. If a man sits behind the wheel, a woman is also preferable to take a seat behind the driver's seat.
  10. Things that should be kept secret
    There is something that should not be told to other people. 9 things should be kept secret: age, income, household problems, faith, treatment, intimate life, gifts, success and failure. It's indecent to talk about this, and even more so to ask.
    Rules of etiquette in society
  11. Turn to "you"
    To unfamiliar or unfamiliar people, whose ageReached 12 and more years, you need to turn to "you". Even to those people with whom you are well acquainted, at work it is better to turn to "you", and to poke only in private.
  12. Prohibited topics
    When you are on some secularEvent or in a large company of unfamiliar people, it is not worth mentioning such topics as religion, politics and money. If someone really worries about who you voted for or how much your outfit is worth, change the subject of the conversation or politely hint that you do not want to talk about it.
    Rules of etiquette in society
  13. Learn to knock
    As soon as the moment came when your child grew up and began to live in a separate room, take the habit of knocking. It does not matter whether you have a daughter or a son, he, like you, should have a personal space.
  14. In search of your place
    If you came to the theater or cinema, then to your place is to go face to sitting people, and not booty. In addition, the man must go first.
    Rules of etiquette in society

It would be great if everyone adhered to the rules of etiquette. Share interesting and useful information with your friends in social networks!