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Female condom

Violence against women It occurs in all the globes of the globe thatConfirms the shocking statistics. The doctor will fall asleep, the Eglers from the Yuar began to defend the victims and invented a modern instrument of torture - a condom-trap that protects women from criminals.

Female condom

Female condom

Protection from rapist

The doctor worked on the rape-ax device (axAgainst violence) for 40 years. She believes that the discovery will significantly reduce the number of sexual crimes throughout the world. In the people the invention was nicknamed "condom with teeth".

The contraceptive is inserted as a tampon. Rows of sharp hooks inside the device are sucked into the penis at the entrance. You can extract the teeth only surgically, and while this procedure is going on, the police will be notified of the crime.

Female condom

"This is very painful, he can not urinate and walk with this device. If you try to remove yourself, the mechanism closes even more, without breaking through the skin and not causing other harm ", - says the doctor.

The opening of the eagles will cause a heated discussion. Critics fear that the rapist can inflict even greater harm on the victim if they fall into such a trap.

Violence against women

When life is under threat, all means are good. Even such a strange invention can save from an attacker.