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Means of contraception

Not only young, but also couples aged often wonder: Than to protect from unwanted pregnancy, Besides the usual condom? Today our editorial staff will talk about alternative contraceptives, which have gained popularity due to the convenience of their use. Hope our article will be useful to you!

Contraceptive means

Popular methods of contraception

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  1. Female condoms
    This contraceptive is made of plasticPolyurethane materials. As well as male condoms, they are intended for single use. It is a cylinder that, unlike a male condom, is equipped in the upper and lower parts with elastic rings.

    Upper ring fixes the contraceptive inVagina, and the lower one - prevents the contact of the glans penis with the skin of the female labia. The diameter of the product is 70-80 millimeters, and the length is 150 millimeters.

    Unlike male condoms, thisThe contraceptive has a number of advantages: it can be administered several hours before sexual intercourse, does not cause uncomfortable sensations in men, does not reduce sensitivity, provides reliable protection against sexual infections.

    Popular methods of contraception

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  3. Vaginal diaphragms
    This barrier contraceptive is made fromLatex material. Vaginal diaphragm in shape resembles a small cap with a flexible rim. The diaphragm is placed in a compressed form in the vagina and spreads on the cervix.

    The contraceptive is worn immediately beforeSexual intercourse and take no earlier than 6 hours later. The diaphragm can be used repeatedly if sterility is observed: after use, the contraceptive should be washed in hot water with soap and then placed in a 70% alcohol solution for 20 minutes.

    Popular methods of contraception

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  5. Cervical caps
    The caps differ in the complexity of use. The size of the cap is selected by the gynecologist individually for each woman. The doctor should also teach the correct technique of administering the contraceptive. Cervical cap Works on the same principle as the vaginal diaphragm.
    Popular methods of contraception
  6. Chemicals
    There are many contraceptives in the form of gels, creams and tampons, which must be used before the sexual intercourse.

    Also to chemical barriers areVaginal tablets, foam and non-foaming candles, which are introduced 10-20 minutes before the sexual intercourse. It is important to know that these contraceptives require additional injections, since they lose effectiveness after 1 hour.

    Popular methods of contraception

  7. Contraceptive sponges
    This type of contraceptive combines in itselfBarrier, and chemical properties. The fact is that contraceptive sponges are impregnated with a spermicidal substance that enters the vagina within 24 hours. The sponge is injected before intercourse and placed in front of the cervix.
    Popular methods of contraception

We wish you to choose the right type of contraceptive, appreciating all the advantages and disadvantages of the existing ones! Be sure to share this knowledge with your soul mate.