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How to choose a bag

Shoes and bags can either give the image a twist, or spoil even the most beautiful outfit. Of course, you can pick up a bag of the same color as the shoes, and do not puzzle over Subtleties of color. But the times when this cunning move was appropriate, have long since passed.

Bag and shoes how to combine

Now you can give vent to your imagination and combine, at first glance, incongruous. But some rules still do not forget to create a stylish and Harmonious image, Which will emphasize your personality. Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you about the basic principles of combining bags with shoes, which are relevant in 2017.

How to pick up a bag

  1. Color matching
    To successfully combine accessories by color,One of them must be monophonic and the other multicolor. For example, under pink sandals, you can safely choose a bag that has only one element of this color, and vice versa. As we have already said, do not follow the complete coincidence of color. You can use shades of a single gamut or color, complementing each other.
    Combination of bag and shoes
  2. Selection by print
    Very stylish look duets, when one productOne color, and another - the same color and with a pattern. You can choose a bag and shoes with different patterns, but then consider the rules for combining prints. You can use the same pattern for both the bag and the shoe, but then it should be of different size or color.
    Combination of bag and shoes
  3. Selection by material
    Different textures always look very interesting. Textile bags are suitable for shoes made from any material. Accessories with a metallic or glossy gloss are best combined with suede.
    Combination of bags and shoes 2017
  4. Decorating
    Now in fashion bags with an abundance of jewelry orEmbroidery. They are better combined with simple and concise footwear. And vice versa, if in your arsenal there is a pair of shoes with ornaments, it is better to choose a one-color bag without decor. You can also pick up shoes and a bag, combining them with a common idea, in which the decorative reception is repeated, but not exactly.
    Combination of bags and shoes 2017
  5. Selection by form
    One of the simplest and most non-strict rules, which is easy to follow, is the combination of accessories in form. Look the most harmonious Bag and shoes Rounded shapes, and vice versa, the perfect complement to a bag of rigid shapes will be the shoes of clear lines.
    Combination of bags and shoes 2017
  6. Style matching
    How beautiful French chic, minimalism or classics in its pure form. Many women of fashion prefer to follow their favorite style. It helps to create an image that is associated only with you.
    Combination of bags and shoes 2017

By observing these simple rules, you will always beSuccessfully choose a bag for shoes. As you see, there are no difficulties, the main thing is to see to it that this duet looks harmonious. Share useful tips with your friends in social networks!