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Why is not gel-lacquer kept

if Gel-varnish does not stick to nails For as long as you would like, do not go intodespair. Perhaps it's time for bitter regrets? Maybe you make these 5 mistakes that mercilessly destroy the manicure in the first days after applying gel-varnish?

all in your hands. If you try, the chic look of your nails will make you happy 2 times longer, and you will not have to do manicure so often!

Why the gel does not stick to the nail polish

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Why is not gel-lacquer kept

  1. if A crack appeared on the varnish, In any case, do not try to remove the cover with an improvised remedy, to poke it.

    Many women, with the appearance of such neat, very fond of violent methods to remove the lacquer. What happens? Not only a spoiled manicure, but also Scratched nail plate.

    If the coating begins to deteriorate, use nails glueTo restore its integrity. Always remove the gel-lacquer only with a special agent: acetone will not allow to remove the gel-varnish completely, you will have to scratch the marigold, taking off the nail file remaining pieces of the former beautiful manicure.

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  2. Use an ultraviolet lamp to dry the gel coating - is unacceptable. This is the last century, all good masters have long moved to Led-lamps.

    Lamps of the new generation do not damage the nails andSkin, and also shorten the drying time of the varnish. But that's not all! A manicure thoroughly dried under a led-lamp will be stronger and last a lot longer. It is worth to ask in the cabin, which lamp will illuminate your nails.

    Gel varnish does not stick to nails

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  3. So that the gel varnish lasts longer, The nails should not be over-dried! Oil for care of the cuticle and other oily substances for the skin of the hands will help prolong the life of the delicious coating of nails. Drying the nail plate repels the varnish, it begins to quickly break down on the thinned nails.

    You can use cocoa butter, coconut oil, sea-buckthorn ... mass options!

    Gel varnish does not last more than a week

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  4. Obviously, but still ... if you Gnaw on your nails Or the skin around the nails, your manicure will very quickly become an unseemly appearance. This terrible habit should finally be eradicated!

    "Cosmetics can make you beautiful outside, but it will not help if you are ugly in the shower. Unless you eat it ... " Does not work! Eating gel-varnish with nails, you swallow toxic material.

    Unfortunately, many women sin like that, therefore I consider it my duty to mention this dreadful phenomenon.

    If the gel does not stick

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  5. Another culprit, which provokes an instant spoilage of manicure. Expired lacquer! Yes, he also has shelf life. It is worthwhile to ask whether the means by which the master will do the procedure are fresh.

    Another key point - for a resistant coatingIt is very important to use all the means for manicure of one ruler. You can not mix the funds of different manufacturers, if you dream of a long and high-quality coverage! Trace, please, for this detail, about which very few people know.

    What to do if the gel does not stick

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