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Perfect manicure

Women's hair and nails should always be inProper condition. If the first can still be hidden in a bundle, then the second need a special care. Chopped lacquer or a broken nail can spoil even the most stylish image. And if your manicure has long left much to be desired, then hardly you are waiting for success and recognition.

This does not mean that you need to go to the manicurist every day and empty your wallet. Redaction "so simple!" Tell you about 13 tricks Home nail care. Your friends will not even guess that you are doing a manicure yourself.

Perfect manicure

  1. Softening of cuticle
    The cuticle should always be removed, because it is the overgrown peel that makes the manicure ugly. But not to injure your fingers, you need to take care of it before you cut it.

    Put your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes, thenGently move the cuticle with an orange stick. Then prepare the emollient by mixing 3 tablespoons of lotion for the body and one tablespoon of olive oil.

    Preheat the mixture in the microwave for 30Seconds, apply on the cuticle, and then put on gloves or warm clean socks and do not remove until morning. Hands after such a procedure will look well-groomed, and the cuticle will become pliable, you can easily remove it.

  2. Clarification of the nail plate
    Often a bright coating leaves behindNails pigment, which does not remove the remover for varnish. But do not worry, there is a great way to get it out. Rub the nails with a brush and toothpaste until the foam forms. Leave it for 1 minute and wash it off.
  3. Removal of keratinized skin
    You need to follow not only the nails, but also the skinHands. To make it soft and soft, prepare a simple scrub. For this mix sugar, coconut or other oil and add a couple drops of lemon juice for a mild whitening effect. Apply, massage, leave for a couple of minutes and wash.
  4. Ideal application
    To dexterously correct drawbacks when applyingVarnish, get a thin brush. With it, you can easily distribute the varnish around the edges of the nail plate or remove the errors by moistening the brush in the liquid to remove the varnish.
  5. One more secret of ideal drawing
    So as not to spoil the skin around the nail, beforeApply a varnish with Vaseline or any cosmetic oil. Thus removing errors will be very easy. Also you can lubricate the skin around the nail with the glue of the pva. Then you can easily remove all the surplus with him.
  6. Correct sawing
    That the nails do not separate and grow well, use only glass files. Not for nothing that they are used in most good salons.
  7. Resuscitation of a broken nail
    With salons a broken nail is repaired with silk and a special gel. At home, you can safely use tea bags. Cut a piece of the necessary size and follow our instructions.
  8. Whitening nails
    If from frequent coating bright lacquer orAnother reason your nails are yellow, there's a great way to whiten them. Prepare a mixture of 1 tbsp. L. Hydrogen peroxide and 2.5 tbsp. L. Baking soda. Gently treat her nails. The product will have a whitening effect and return the nails a natural color.
  9. Degreasing of nails
    So that the lacquer should lie flattened and stay longer, the nails should be degreased before the manicure. For this, wipe them with a means to remove the varnish, and even better - vinegar.
  10. Drying of varnish
    If you use ordinary varnishes, you know howLong need to wait until they dry up. But if time is short, then use the next lifhak. Just put your fingers in cold water for 5-7 seconds. Only consider that the water should be very cold.
  11. Express drying
    There is one more method of quick drying of varnish. Just sprayed the hairspray, without regret, on the finished manicure. This trick also extends the durability of the coating.
  12. Matt lacquer
    Matt nail cover for several seasons inFashion. All have long known that in order to turn glossy varnish into matte, you need to blow a jet of hot air on the nails. But, in order not to overdry the skin of hands, we advise you to prepare a matte finish. For this, just mix the clear lacquer and starch.
  13. Protection of hands
    So that the manicure will please you for a long time, always use rubber gloves while cleaning and washing dishes. Regularly moisturize and nourish the skin of the hands.

With these simple and effective tricks your hands will always look well-groomed. Share useful information with your friends in social networks.