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Compress on foot

This compress helped me cope with the first signs Varicose veins!! It turns out, potatoes are the most valuable product for home foot care.

To carry out the procedure extremely easily. If you planned to cook potatoes for dinner, just do not rush to throw away the cleaning! Compress of them improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue, removes swelling on the legs. In addition, the skin becomes extremely soft, corns and corns disappear. A real miracle!

Compress on the leg with varicose veins

Compress on foot

You will need

  • potato peelings
  • bandage
  • patch

Application of

  1. To make this simple Compress with varicose veins, Boil a small amount of potato peelings. It is enough to boil the cleaning for 20 minutes in plain water.
  2. Before applying the compress you can hold your feet in a body of decoction of potato peelings - this is a good way to relieve foot fatigue!
  3. Put the potato mass on the painful leg section, wrap it with a bandage and patch it. The compress can be kept for several hours, and you can leave it all night, which is very convenient.
  4. Removing the compress in the morning, wash your feet with cool water and soap and apply moisturizing cream.

A pack of potatoes It is very useful for sick veins, after itThe terrible pain with varicose veins disappears. Perhaps, this is one of the cheapest means, and it can be used daily without any contraindications! Also it is recommended to rub in feet Raw potato juice.

It works well and in case the legs are very tired and swollen! Only they are saved. Show your friends a very useful recipe, I'm sure he will help them too!