/ How to Make Perfect Eyebrows

How to make perfect eyebrows

Where to pluck out, where to tint, what shapechoose? This question is often asked by women, looking in the mirror at their brows. To look feminine and attractive, it is necessary to provide constant facial care. Eyebrows occupy here a leading position and set the tone for the whole image!

In our super-active world it's so difficult to allocate time for visiting beauty salons, and it's not cheap, so the question Eyebrow correction at home Is very relevant.

Perfect eyebrows

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Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you a short universal Perfect eyebrows In just 3 minutes. This is the advice of a fashion make-up artist, after which your face will acquire an unprecedented expressiveness.

How to make perfect eyebrows

Jimena garcia - the authority and founder of its own studio, which is often used by American stars, was a simple guide to the correct design of eyebrows.

  1. Carefully stain eyebrows with a soft pencil or ink. The main thing: the pigment should be located not on the skin, but on the hairs.
  2. Attach the white paper to the hairs and press it firmly in order to get a fairly clear imprint. That's what your eyebrow looks like now.
    Well-groomed eyebrows
  3. Directly on the received print mark the "body" of the eyebrow. This is the middle section, on which no correction is needed. Also note those hairs at the beginning of the eyebrow and above the upper edge, which clearly look superfluous.
    Secret of the perfect eyebrows
  4. The main thing is to stop in time!
    Beautiful eyebrows
  5. After removing unwanted hair, the eyebrows will beLook natural and get the right shape and a clear outline. And to maintain a well-groomed type of eyebrows daily brush them with a brush moistened in a special gel or firming oil.
    Perfect eyebrows

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This instruction is simply a golden find for any woman. Now you see that making eyebrows elegant at home is not at all difficult.

I could not resist and immediately tried this technique on myself. It turned out great! Remember: Beautiful eyebrows - this is an important detail that can completely change your face. Try to use them to give your eyes the desired strength and charm.

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