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How to whiten tulle at home

Experienced housewives know that nothing lasts forever, and the snow-white tulle, including ... it's never too late to buy a new one, but try to return your favorite curtains Former freshness Still worth it! Benefit there is an effective method of getting rid of such a delicate interior from dirty yellow spots. All you need is an ordinary green! No, you did not hear it.

Today edition "so simple!" Shares, at first glance, a stunning advice that will help restore the curtains of pristine whiteness.

How to whiten tulle green videos

How to whiten tulle at home

Whitening curtains With the help of zelenki - quite a painstaking process, but the efforts spent are unambiguous. Tulle becomes fresh and incredibly white.

  1. Before you start bleaching, tulle must be washed thoroughly. For this, soak the tulle in warm water for two hours, and then carefully wash it. You can wash with both hands and in a washing machine.
    Whitening tulle greenery
  2. Drain off dirty water from the pelvis and soak the tulle for 2 hours in water with the addition of a detergent. After rinse the tulle and soon start bleaching!
  3. In a basin with warm water add 3 tbsp. L. Ordinary salt.
  4. Further it is necessary to dilute zelenok so,To avoid unnecessary green spots on your favorite curtains. 10-15 drops of a diamond green discard in a glass of water. Mix well to avoid sediment. Leave the mixture for a few minutes and mix again.
    Whit the tulle
  5. Making sure that there is no sediment on the bottom of the glass, pour the mixture into the basin with salt water. Lower the tulle into the pelvis with water for 2-3 minutes, constantly turning the fabric.
  6. After keeping the tulle in such a solutionIt is necessary to rinse well and squeeze out, but without twisting. Tie the tulle, allowing the water to drain. You will see that the curtains are like new! Fresh, clean, white ...

So that the yellowed curtains do not spoil the cozy atmosphere of the home nest, be sure to use our advice. You will be delighted! Do not forget to share this useful article with your friends.