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Children's garden with their own hands

If you are in search of Simple and exciting ideas For useful pastime with the child, thisThe article is just for you! Germination of seeds by unusual methods is an extremely interesting activity, capable of magically capturing both the baby and the parents. To acquaint the child with the development and life of plants, to grow every grain, and then with pleasure to harvest - well, what is not an adventure!

Redaction "so simple!" Shares interesting ideas that can easily instill in children love for plants.

Children about plants

Children's vegetable garden

  1. Kitchen garden on the kitchen sponge
    For such an exciting experiment to youYou will need ordinary kitchen sponges, water and toothpicks. For germination it is best to take flax seeds and watercress - they are unpretentious, grow quickly enough, and they are also edible! Just imagine, with what pride a salad with homemade herbs grown by a toddler will be eaten.

    Children's garden on the windowsill

    There is a little secret - it is best to sponge the lips in a wet condition. But when the house is collected and the seeds are sown, the sponges should be slightly moistened - water should not drain from them.

    Children's vegetable garden

    Water with the baby house a few times a day fromAtomizer. The first 2-3 days an unusual vegetable garden is covered with a plastic bag to avoid drying out the seeds. For the roof, you can use a soft "cream" of seeds, pre-soaked in water. Then the tiny grains just do not fall.

    Sprouting seeds in a sponge

    How cool it turned out! The process of the birth of plants from weightless grains is so amazing that it will not only entice the small gardener, but also the parents.

    How to sprout seeds in a sponge

  2. Growing pumpkin in pumpkin
    Sprouting pumpkin seeds - the process is painstaking, but it will certainly have toTo the liking of new mother's assistants. Choose a small but strong pumpkin and partially clean it from the pulp. Fill the pump with soil, put some of its seeds and fields with water. If you start germinating seeds now, then by the beginning of the season, the shoots can be transplanted into the soil, and in autumn you can harvest the real crop.

    By the way, in the process of decay, the pumpkin does not exude odors, but serves as an excellent source of nutrition for small seeds. But what an extraordinary pot!

    Sprouting seeds of a pumpkin

  3. Bean sprouting on cotton balls
    This method is one of the simplest methodsTo visually show the child how the root system of the plant develops. Nothing complicated, you just need to fill the jar with cotton balls and sit the beans near the vessel wall. Moisten cotton wool from the spray, but do not overdo it - the water should not stagnate in the jar.

    Keep the jar on the windowsill, avoiding directSun rays. After 3 days, the root will appear, and after 8-9 days, over the first pair of leaves, a whole network of shoots will grow. After two weeks you will witness the transformation of a small bean into a strong plant! Such a young bean you can transplant into the soil in the garden and continue to look after it.

    Germination of seeds in cotton wool

  4. Sprouting beans in paper
    Pour a small can of water onto the bottom (thicknessWater layer 2 cm), fold a napkin into a tight roll and place it in a container. Put the beans to the side of the jar. The moisture from the bottom will rise on the napkin and moisten the root system. Do not forget to moisten the napkin from the sprinkler from time to time. A tiny bean forms the root system incredibly fast, in a few days you will notice the spine!
    Bean sprouting at home

You can introduce the child to the life of plants all year round! You just need to allocate a little space in the house for a children's vegetable garden, and your baby will certainly love such an exciting family activity.

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