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What can be done from the constructor

Designer lego - not just a children's toy. These blocks are so fond of adults that they master of them unimaginable things: from car bodies to unusual sculptures. And you knew that from these multi-colored blocks you can easily fold the Unusual items for the house? Give vent to fantasy - and for the cause!

Redaction "so simple!" Shares with you ideas of unusual application of blocks lego in a life and not only.

What can be done from the lego constructor

  1. Usb drive
    Original flash drive with your own hands? Time to spit! You need a few details lego, a flash drive, a knife and glue. A little effort - and an unusual gadget is ready.
    Crafts from lego for home
  2. House for pets
    Your little friend will definitely be glad of such a secluded dwelling.
    Crafts from lego own hands
  3. Door stop
    It is no longer necessary to prop up the doors than horrible. Conveniently, agree!
    We make crafts from lego
  4. Funny housekeeper
    With such a universal organizer, the keys will always be in their place. This housekeeper from lego is very simple to make, and most importantly - the size and configuration can be changed as you please!
    Non-standard use of lego
  5. flower pot
    A great way to transform boring pots for plants and make a terrific decoration for the home.
    Unusual use of lego
  6. Accessories for office
    Place the small magnets in the cubes of the lego, and you once and for all get rid of the office mess.

    The use of lego in everyday life

    And such an office organizer accurately diversifies the workflow.

    How to use lego in everyday life

  7. picture frame
    This extraordinary frame will cherish the warmest moments.
    The use of lego in everyday life
  8. gift wrap
    Bored monotonous gift paper? Then this idea is exactly what you want! Because such a package is a gift in itself.
    Application of lego
  9. Bright chest of drawers
    If you can create a realA piece of furniture! Such an unusual chest of drawers from the details of the designer is a real miracle. He will be a wonderful addition to the children's or irreplaceable assistant in the creative workshop.
    Unusual use of lego
  10. bird feeders
    Agree, such a bird can not be made easier. Very stylish decoration of the yard, and the birds are happy and full!
    What can be done from lego
  11. Storage container
    Well, very nice organizer for the kitchen and not only!
    What to make of lego
  12. Original coasters
    With such convenient adaptations you can forget for ever the annoying spots on your favorite table.
    What can be done from lego without instructions
  13. Unusual puzzle from photos
    By all means try to make a similar puzzle with the child. Very original idea!
    What can be done from lego for home
  14. Cute ornaments from lego
    Using details from the designer, you can easily make unusual jewelry. Girls just like it!
    What can be done from a child's lego

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  15. napkin holder
    This napkin stand will easily decorate a children's holiday! And most importantly - children will gladly help in preparing the house for the party.
    What can be made easy from lego

Looks impressive! Because the scope of this popular designer is limited only by human imagination. So rather invent something original and get down to business.

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