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The Baptism of Children in the Church

We know very little about baptism, and this is the first step of a man on his way to God.

Baptism - a bright holiday for the whole family! So that the sacrament is performed according to all the canons, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of godparents for the baby.

Godparents are angels in the world whoAre called upon to help a small man to begin a spiritual life that will protect him from temptations all his life ... the choice of the godparents affects the future of the child, this must always be remembered.

Godparents of duty

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Baptism of children in the church

Having addressed to the attendant in church, always it is possible to receive the exact answer to this question. Take to the godparents and mother of the people listed below is not allowed by the church!

Who can not be taken to godparents

  1. You can not take a godmother to a girl under 14 years old, to godparents - a boy under 15 years of age. Only after reaching this age can you engage in spiritual education, the church believes.
  2. Monk and nun in any case can not be taken to the godparents.
  3. You can not take godparents with mental illnesses.
  4. It is forbidden to call the godmother and the woman married. Kings Forbids marrying.
  5. The parents of the child can not be godparents.

Godparents requirements

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Who can be taken to the godparents in spite of superstition

  1. In the people it is believed that one can not take an unmarried woman to be godmother to a girl, but a godless man for godmothers. Take away happiness, take everything for yourself!

    Of course, this is a stupid superstition. The church does not take it seriously, because it does not have any Christian roots, and approves such a choice of godparents. The main thing that people were good!

  2. Another superstition is about pregnant women who You can not take godparents.

    The church does not forbid this! The only moment that can cause excitement: will it be convenient for the godmother to withstand all the baptism, will she have enough strength. In many respects it depends on the state of health and the period of pregnancy in a woman.

Godparents husband and wife

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What is selfless love, how to understand the boundaries between good and evil, what is faith, conscience, patience and mercy: all this must Tell a godson Spiritual parents at every meeting. This is their main gift!

It is difficult to understand and accept such a statement. We are supposed to carry money to the house of the godson, toys, it is customary to spend time with the child idly. It's beautiful, of course! But many forget that godparents are primarily spiritual guides.

Young, immature soul is so difficult in the world! So as not to make mistakes in his youth to become a successful adult person and not regret anything later, it is necessary in childhood to receive a decent spiritual and moral education.

Godparents requirements

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Sacrament of baptism Carried out once. In no case a child can not be crossed, no matter what happens! The church forbids this holy rite for the second time. What kind of godparents parents will choose for their child, these will remain for life.

Godparents relatives

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