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Cheap flowers in the cemetery

Easter holidays! We all honor traditions and go to the cemetery during the bright festive days.

This year the church asked all believing people not to carry Cheap artificial flowers in the cemetery. Expensive, by the way, too! Artificial flowers are harmful to the environment. And this is a terrible sin!

Cheap flowers in the cemetery

Cheap flowers in the cemetery

Artificial flowers very quickly find themselves in a garbage can, then they are burned. There is air pollution in awful scales! We breathe contaminated air And spoil our health, we spoil the health of our loved ones. Do we need such a sacrifice to the deceased relatives who are resting in the cemetery?

Conscious clergymen conductExplanatory work among the parishioners of their churches, hang ads in the cemeteries. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that this is really important for the environment and human health.

There were cases when they tore off pasted adsWith a request not to use such bouquets. All because there were selling artificial flowers nearby ... it's business! It's unpleasant to think about this, but in large cemeteries, gypsies collect plastic flowers from their graves and sell them in the second round. Because they know for sure: flowers will be bought!

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Why carry plastic bouquets to the cemetery, if possible there Plant fresh flowers? If you can bring a humble bouquet of the livingFlowers that really please the eye in the cold season? Artificial flowers are still harmful to the environment at the initial stage of production, because they produce a huge amount of harmful substances.

Artificial flowers in the cemetery

What flowers can be planted in the cemetery? There are many options!

Daffodils, lilies of the valley, hyacinths and crocuses - perennial, rather unpretentious flowers. It is possible to plant bulbs of gladioli and dahlia, but they must be excavated in the autumn to be planted again in the spring.

Low-growing species of geraniums grow well, its bushes prevent the appearance of weeds. Chrysanthemums blossom all summer and autumn! Field flowers, such as marigolds, will bloom for many years ...

What flowers to plant in the cemetery

Please share with your friends important information! Let this year no one brings artificial flowers to the cemetery ...