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Jewelery storage

Which woman does not like to put on ornaments,Especially if there is much! And it does not matter whether it's expensive jewelry with precious stones or just a good costume jewelry, it all depends on the image and the properly chosen outfit.

Usually each of us has these favorite "treasures" accumulating a lot. But it's reasonable to decompose them all on a shelf or dressing table is quite difficult. for Storage of jewelry Most women use all kinds of caskets. But, if there are many ornaments, it can be problematic to quickly find the necessary thing.

Redaction "so simple!" Picked up for you 13 fresh and original ideas, How to save your favorite jewelry Simple, beautiful, and most importantly - incredibly convenient!

Storage of ornaments

  1. hanger
    Here can be useful most ordinaryhanger! Old or new, wooden or iron - it can quite successfully serve as an organizer for decorations. The main thing is to find a suitable place for its location.
    Hangers with ornaments
  2. Flower basket
    The original idea of ​​using objects that you could not even guess at suitable properties!
    Flower pallets
  3. Grill
    If you have an extra grill from the old refrigerator, take a few self-adhesive hooks and hang it on the wall. You will get an excellent organizer for earrings!
    Organizer for decorations
  4. kitchen furniture
    This interesting solution is to use the element of the kitchen grill from the bar counter. It's simple!
    Storage of jewelry in the grill from the kitchen furniture
  5. Hanging shelves (stands)
    Materials for the implementation of the idea of ​​storing jewelryA large number and very often they are right under your nose. Here, for example, hanging shelves (stands). It is only a little "pokoldovat" over the shelf, and it will become a favorite place for jewelry.
    Stands for storing ornaments
  6. plastic bottles
    This option proves once again that many practical and comfortable objects can be made from plastic bottles.
    Storage of jewelry in a vase of plastic bottles
  7. Tree and branches
    If you like to collect during walks in the forestVarious snags and sticks, this is the creative solution for you. Enough to paint sticks with acrylic paints and drill holes in the tree. For gluing, wood glue can be used.
    Organizer for decorations made of wood and twigs
  8. Picture frame
    This idea for storing jewelry in a frame from a picture or a mirror is just a space for flying fantasy!
    Storage of ornaments in a frame from a picture
  9. Chain suspension
    Quite simple, but very convenient way. All you need is half a meter of chain and 2 screw-in hooks.
    Suspension chain
  10. Bamboo mat
    A friend of mine bought a bamboo mat. And used it not as a stand on the kitchen table, but decided with his help the problem of storing your favorite earrings. The result can be seen in the photo!
    Bamboo mat and decorations
  11. Bottle and piece of board
    But with a glass bottle, a pieceBoards and small hooks can be made not only a convenient organizer, but also a creative showcase for displaying jewelry at various handicraft exhibitions.
    Original organizer for decorations
  12. door handles
    Old or new door handles can be very useful for storing necklaces. To do this, attach them to a painted board or glue a piece of driftwood to create a decor in a rustic style.
    Old wooden handles
  13. Old window frame
    If from the old repair you have an old window frame - it's just wonderful. Because you can breathe new life into it, creating an interesting and Convenient organizer for your favorite decorations.
    Window frame, as an organizer for decorations

Keep your decorations organized, and then youYou will spend significantly less time searching for them. I hope, we were able to inspire you to rework the interior with your own hands. And do not put it off the hook. Choose the option that suits you, try to implement it and enjoy the order!

Keep these useful solutions and do not forget to share your inspiration with your friends!