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Beautiful indoor plants

Unusual houseplants - is the decoration of the house, is the passion of loversGreen corners! We know well the cactus and the fattened, but what about their relatives? Almost all the handsome people are related to succulents. They do not require too painstaking and complex care procedures. Created for beauty, caress the eye!

Beautiful indoor plants

Beautiful indoor plants

Unusual patterns

  1. Succulent dolphins (senecio peregrinus)
    Extremely popular in Japan plant! Each leaf resembles a small dolphin splashing in waves ... the flowerpot blossoms like this: a long stem with a cup and pale pink flowers appears. A miracle is simple!
    Unusual houseplants
  2. Japanese moss marimo (marimo moss balls)
    This is an unusual algae that does not like direct sunlight. A wonderful ornament of the aquarium, but can exist independently in a separate container, as an eye-pleasing element of decor!

    Marimo, or kladofora, is considered A symbol of eternal love, Because it grows very, very slowly: Emerald ball can increase in size by only 5-7 mm per year. A small seaweed ball can live for about 200 years, because in some Japanese families it is customary to transfer the plant by inheritance ... brings luck and well-being to the owner!

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  3. Trachyandra
    Tentacles of jellyfish or ringlets? This plant is very unpretentious, originally from Africa, used to live under the scorching sun, so you need to water it once a week. A real alien among indoor plants!
    Beautiful indoor plants
  4. Bled umbella (crassula umbella)
    A close relative of the usual money tree. Loves light and fresh air. One of the names is "wine glass". How amazing is the nature that created such a masterpiece!
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  5. Euphorbia Euphorbia (euphorbia obesa)
    Handsome hails from africa, but can withstand even freezing! What chubby ... keeps the moisture inside, like a cactus. Blooms, starting from 5-8 years, and its flowers are unusually beautiful!
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  6. Spurge the head of the jellyfish (euphorbia caput-medusae)
    Poisonous plant, but it looks so original! Flowers in yellow flowers. Gorgonaria is another name for this very unpretentious green inhabitant of the house. Likes dry air and coolness!
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  7. Platycerium
    The deer fern resembles a flat deer horn! Perfectly arranged on the walls: in nature this plant lives on trees. Will become a bright decoration of any interior!
    Beautiful indoor plants
  8. Euphorbia tirucalli (euphorbia tirucalli)
    From the juice of this plant used to extract rubber! The juice of the milkweed is the purest poison, but how charmingly beautiful it is ... "fire sticks" is one of the names.
    Unusual houseplants
  9. Haworthia cooperi
    In nature the plant grows on rocks andIs a favorite treat for mountain goats and sheep. Miniature rosettes of the vases are fascinating, inside you can see entire universes! That's what a green friend I will dream of ...
    Beautiful flowerpots
  10. Morgan's cleansing (sedum morganianum)
    Do remind you of these strange donkey leavestail? This is how sometimes this plant is called in everyday life. Cleaning is quite demanding and loves lots of sunshine! But will thank the owner with flowers of inexpressible beauty.
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  11. Corkscrew grass
    Extremely fast growing! The curls look as if some diligent florist worked on them for a long time. But this is not so. The leaves themselves curl in an amazing way! Would you like to decorate your kitchen with such a vase?
    Unusual houseplants
  12. Gentian urnula
    An unusual, but absolutely no special care plant! Like a starfish, looks great in the composition on the Alpine hill. Looks magical ...
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The most beautiful indoor plants - those that we want to take care of every day ... tell us in the comments what green friends live in your house! It is very nice to see a piece of nature in a home environment.