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Crafts from the "Kinder-surprise"

I confess frankly, I adored in my childhood theseChocolate eggs. The figures were so cute, and the sweet souvenir was given only on special occasions ... now parents have much more opportunities to please the kid with a "kinder surprise" than in those far 90s.

Presented ideas - for adults, not for children! Justice triumphs, found super-application of yellow plastic capsules. From the first idea, I'm crazy!

Crafts from kinder surprise

Crafts from the "kinder-surprise"

Practical ideas

  1. In a plastic testicle it is convenient to wear earphones. They will not get confused, and they will also be protected from moisture by airtight packing!
    Crafts from kinder surprise with your own hands photo
  2. You just need to drill holes in a miracle container, and the storage tank for toothpicks is ready!
    Crafts from kinder surprise with your own hands photo
  3. Chic advice for tourists! If you cut a grater from the side of the matchbox and paste it inside a plastic egg, you get a waterproof box. Put the inside of the match and go on a hike!
    Crafts from kinder surprise
  4. In the lower part of the capsule, make a hole with a drill.
    What to do from a kinder surprise

    The cover for "chupa-chups" is ready! In case the cub decided to leave a treat for later: the candy will patiently wait in a sterile environment without hairs and dust. Crafts from eggs "kinder-surprise" Become favorite things of the child, you can not doubt.
    Testicles kinder surprise
  5. Make a larger hole ...
    What to do from a kinder surprise

    A toothbrush cover is ready! That's really the right thing.
    Crafts from kinder surprise
  6. Tiny holes can be made with a needle. The result is a bright salt or pepper, which is convenient to take with you to a picnic!
    Crafts from kinder
  7. By gluing a sharpener inside the capsule and making a hole equal to the diameter of the pencil, from below, you will make a sharpener with a box for sawdust! That's what a useful thing you can do with the child.
    Crafts from an egg from a kinder surprise

Crafts from the "kinder-surprise" with their own hands So useful in everyday life! But also by themselves capsules - a find, they are convenient to store spices, beads, beads, various small items that can easily get lost ...

Chocolate eggs with a toy inside please children andAdults since 1972. To get your own original "surprise", you do not have to wait for every seventh egg. Just do it yourself!

Crafts from kinder surprise

If you are fascinated by these ideas, show them to your family. Using a plastic capsule repeatedly, we are doing a good deed and helping the environment!