/ How to get rid of anger

How to get rid of anger

There is such a Taoist parable. Wise old man tells his grandson that inside each of us live two wolves - black and white. Black is anger, irritation, anger, envy, and white is sympathy, kindness, tenderness, love. And these two wolves are always fighting inside of us. "And who is winning?" Asked the grandson. "Whom you feed, he wins," replied the grandfather.

When they shout at us, you usually want to answer the same. It does not make anyone any better. How to overcome anger and anger His and others', advise neuroscientists.

How to get rid of anger

Dispute and quarrel

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Redaction "so simple!" Prepared 3 valid ways, like To learn never to be angry. It's worth knowing to everyone!

  1. Suppression of anger is a bad idea
    Often during a conflict we try to drown out our emotions and endure. But suppressed Aggression destroys the body Over the years and develops into a variety of diseases.

    Almond gland (a region of the brain that affectsEmotions) begins to work beyond measure. When a person hides an angry state inside himself, others may not see his manifestations, but they feel it very well, and the relationship begins to deteriorate.

    Negative emotions

  2. Do not give vent to anger
    Throwing out anger at the interlocutor, you are onlyYou let your anger grow like a snowball. However there is a method that works excellently! The energy resources of the brain are limited, and when switching attention, he can no longer concentrate on useless thinking over unpleasant situations.

    Of course, it's hard to get distracted when someoneHysterically yelling right in the face. But if you set the goal and include awareness, then this is quite real! Do not inflame your anger even more, because it will only make you worse.

    Manifestation of aggression

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  4. Reappraisal
    Let's imagine the situation: Your companion stands nearby and screams. You really want to answer the same or even properly attach the screamer. But if they tell you that this man lost his mother yesterday? Or he is going through a hard divorce and yesterday he was deprived of the rights to children?

    In that case, probably, your reaction will be different. Anger will cease to be taken so close to heart, and perhaps even sympathy will turn on.

    That this has changed? never mind! But this prehistory has changed your view of the situation. The essence of the method in the reassessment of the situation. Just say to yourself: "I have nothing to do with a man today is a hard day."


Well, the most effective and deep, but enoughA difficult step is forgiveness. It is important first of all not so for the opponent, as for you. Because to keep evil on someone is the same as drinking poison yourself, thinking that someone else will die from it.

Do not let emotion destroy your life! By relieving yourself of negativity, you exclude illness and poor health from your life. Show your friends this article, it's really worth knowing to everyone!