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Crafts from lids from bottles

Bottles with beer, milk, soda, mineral or soda water - on all of them we see Metal and plastic covers - a sea of ​​covers! They seem to us simply useless and utilized together with the used bottle.

The human skills are endless! You can be surprised when you learn about all the innumerable possibilities of these seemingly absolutely unnecessary objects. Because if you include fantasy, then you can make very useful in the economy and super-creative things from them. And sometimes it is not worth throwing out what appears to be garbage at first glance.

Metal and plastic covers

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you 16 reasonable ways Reuse caps From old bottles. After looking at these ideas, I asked all my acquaintances to collect the caps for me.

Crafts from lids from bottles

  1. Flowers
    Such flowers will be the highlight of any garden or even interior, regardless of the season. You will need: 7 covers, a branch and waterproof glue.

    Clip them together, forming an inflorescence in the form of chamomile, connect with a branch and "plant" a flower on a flower bed, under a tree or along a path. For beauty can be painted with acrylic paints.

    Flowers from old covers

  2. Hanging bell
    By collecting a collection of bottle caps, you can create such a colorful bell that will create interesting melodies, depending on the direction of the wind.
    Wind sound signal
  3. Creative tray
    A great way to decorate the tray with your own hands. It will not only be a useful household item, but also an original gift to a beer and football fan.
    Creative tray decor
  4. Kitchen apron
    This idea especially fell in love with me. Did not expect to see such a decision! Originally, functionally, and most importantly, can give the work area a touch of retro style.
    Kitchen apron decor
  5. Lampshade
    Of white plastic plugs, you can assemble a lampshade for a lamp, for example, for a veranda. Color is also suitable for finishing the garden table.
    Bottle shade
  6. Candles
    These cute little candles will add beauty to a romantic dinner, wedding or coffee table.
    Decorative candles in the caps
  7. Decorative wreath
    If you already have an impressive collection of lids, you can select them by color and create a pretty accessory for the front door.
    Wreath of lids
  8. Earrings
    Earrings from bottle caps will be an excellent addition to your collection of jewelry, as well as an interesting gift for friends!
    Earrings from covers
  9. necklace
    I was inspired by this idea! With the help of a chain, five iron lids, glue and acrylic paints, you can create an original necklace. In the summer with a denim outfit and sneakers will look very stylish.
    Necklace of laces
  10. Garden chair
    Rather strong garden furniture is obtained from strips of string strung on thick fishing line. The basis of such furniture - for example, a metal frame from a leaky folding chair.
    Resuscitation of garden chair
  11. bench
    An ornament from multi-colored covers you can decorate a garden table or a bench.
    Bench of old covers
  12. Stand under the hot
    Decorate and at the same time protect the countertop with such unique supports. Ideal as a gift for friends who love to drink tea and coffee.
    Stand decor
  13. Organizer
    Do you like to create jewelry from beads with your own hands? Make it easier for yourself to work by making a convenient organizer. It's so simple!
    Convenient organizer
  14. Christmas decorations
    Well, is not it the nicest addition to your New Year collection of Christmas toys?
    Christmas decorations
  15. bookmark
    Are you an avid reader? Then this idea is for you! With the help of such a bookmark you will never forget where you stopped reading.
  16. Bright decor
    This work you can easily do together withChildren. Just paint the caps with bright colors, choosing an interesting motif and decorate with such decorative badges: a table top, a postcard or a gift box. It all depends on the approach and imagination!
    Bright decor of old covers

Now you see, what are interesting, not ordinaryAnd sometimes ingenious things are obtained from lids from old bottles. Instead of throwing them into the trash can and contributing to the ever-growing number of landfills, try to collect them and reuse them for creative projects to decorate and facilitate your life.

Share this interesting and useful information with your friends. And if you have already tried to create something like that yourself, we will be happy to see your comment or photo!