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Pain in the sciatic nerve

Pinch of the sciatic nerve (Sciatica, or neuralgia of the sciatic nerve) causes severe pain in the back and hamstrings. This disease is typical for people aged 35-50 years.

Pinch of the sciatic nerve

Sciatic nerve Is one of the most important and largeNerves in our body. It starts at the bottom of the spine and passes through the thigh to the knee, then stretches through the shin, the foot, and its branches diverge along the phalanges of the fingers.

Pain in the sciatic nerve

Sciatica Begins with discomfort and minor pain in theLumbosacral spine, feelings of fatigue and aching in the legs. Gradually the pain intensifies and can spread all over the back of the thigh, lower leg, foot ... in the absence of treatment the disease can lead to disability.

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