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How to quickly remove an apartment

Most of us can not stand cleaning ... the young mistress literally shudders at the thought that a huge amount of time must be spent on cleaning furniture, rubbing the shelves and just Bringing order. Today our editorial board will tell you how to enjoy the bliss from quick cleaning and spend more time on your favorite business!

How quickly to clean an apartment

  1. This trick will help quickly remove dust on the shelves. Prepare two sponges for washing dishes, confectionery tongs and a knife. Make one longitudinal incision on each sponge, as shown in the photo. Put the sponges on the sharp end of the forceps, then wet them with water and boldly proceed to the wet cleaning!
    Quick cleaning in the apartment
  2. Make several longitudinal and transverse notches on the sponge to remove dust in hard-to-reach places.
    Quick cleaning in the apartment
  3. If you are a happy owner of furniture with upholstery fromMicrofiber, you just need to learn this trick! To get rid of dirt on the upholstery, just spray a small amount of medical alcohol and wipe the fabric with a clean sponge. At the end of the procedure, you need to comb the microfiber with a brush with a stiff bristle.
    Quick cleaning in the apartment
  4. To clean the sponge from grease and dirt, put it on a night in a solution of 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of salt. Also this trick can be used for microfibre cloths.
    Quick cleaning in the apartment
  5. Place the sponge in the microwave and turn on the weakest mode. In just a few minutes all the accumulated microbes will die in it!
    Quick cleaning in the apartment

Look in this video for more useful tricks with Cleaning sponges!!

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