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Family without children

Once I was traveling in a compartment with a young woman and herAn infant. I looked at this exhausted mother and her screaming baby and realized that I do not want children - and the point! One thought of motherhood drove me into horror.

Many relatives and friends accuse me ofSelfishness and pestering with their advice, and parents just pray for grandchildren. I decided to understand this controversial issue. On the agenda is one of the most important social problems: why do some people do not want to have children?

Family without children

Family without children

8 Reasons

  1. Lack of maternal instinct
    It is worth acknowledging that some women desireTo give birth to a child does not wake up even after 30! This does not mean that such people hate children and are disgusted with pregnancy. They just feel happy and full without heirs.
  2. memory
    Psychologists say that the desire to have childrenWakes up in all the girls after puberty. It is amazing, but it is so instinctive that it is unnoticed if it is not realized. By the age of 25 a woman already believes in herself that she never wanted to become a mother.

    I do not want children

  3. Problems with finances
    Then the most popular argument. When you barely make ends meet, then the question of the child comes to naught, because medicine, healthy food and good children's things are now expensive. Young couples understand that they will not pull the child, and when they succeed, they already burn out and simply do not want to change their lives.
  4. infertility
    Very often for unwillingness to give birth and loudStatements hide physical incapacity. A friend says that motherhood is not exactly for her, and then it turns out that she has been treated for years for infertility.


  5. Hard childhood
    If the girl did not fold Relationship with mom Or father, then unwillingness to have a child is a direct consequence of childhood trauma. As a result, a negative picture of motherhood as a whole is formed.

  6. Fear of responsibility
    Among women there are so infantileThat the role of the mother for them is simply great. It is important for them to remain small girls, the whims of which all indulge. Such individuals are not ready to make their own decisions, to be responsible for actions and solve problems.

    The husband does not want a child

  7. Next to the wrong man
    Sometimes the rejection of motherhood boils down to this. No one wants to be abandoned, all the more abandoned with a child in his arms.
  8. Fear of giving birth
    The panic around this event is not without reason. The reason for this may be poor heredity, disease, a weak body. And also one of the most common arguments is the change in appearance and figure after childbirth. Such fears have any woman, and not everyone is ready to take risks.

    Family without children

Share your thoughts on this matter. Think that A woman must give birth, Or agrees that this is a private matter for everyone?