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Rules of healthy sleep

If the bed does not let out of the warm embrace in the mornings, and the night heartburn does not give rest, the editorial office "so simple!" Will help you! Today we share effective advice that will easily relieve you of night problems and help you get the most out of your sleep.

Rules of healthy sleep

  1. pain in the neck
    Sleep on your stomach - the main enemy of the health of your neck. Well, if you're just asleep, then try and completely abandon the pillow. The best posture for sleep with problems with the cervical spine - Sleep on the back, With pillows for each hand. Special attention should be paid to the pillow, it should be orthopedic and cylindrical.

    If you like to sleep on your side, your pillow shouldBe not too high. The ideal height of the cushion should match the width of your shoulder. Such a pillow will best hold the neck in the correct position during sleep.

    How to sleep if your neck hurts

  2. Pain in the shoulders
    Best posture for sleep In that case - on the back. Try to sleep on a thin orthopedic pillow, laying one more on his stomach and hugging her with his hands. You'll see, in this position your shoulders will be in the right position, and the dream will be strong and healthy!

    But if you can not sleep on your back, you can sleep on your side, but only on a healthy one. Sleep on the back, unfortunately, will bring only discomfort. So fans of this position will have to abandon the "addiction" habit.

    Problems with sleep what to do

  3. backache
    Maybe it's time to change the mattress? Soft certainly not for you. An ideal mattress should be anatomical, repeat the contours of the body and have an average stiffness. The most useful position for sleeping with problems with the spine - on the back. Try to put a small pillow under your feet, and under your waist - a curled towel.

    Such a trick will help to maintain Correct bending of the spine And will provide additional back support. And if you like to sleep on your side, try to adopt the embryo pose. A pillow between the legs will help relieve tension from the lumbar spine.

    How to sleep properly for the back

  4. insomnia
    Try to start small: Do not overeat in the evening, air a bedroom, get rid of natural light sources, exclude mental overexcitation from gadgets, books, TV. Such trifles with ease will help Fall asleep much faster, And sleep will make you strong and useful. If anything does not help you, you should contact a specialist.
    How to sleep properly for health
  5. Frequent awakenings
    If you often wake up in the middle of the night, tryGive up gadgets and a dense dinner before bed. But also from alcohol! Strong drinks disrupt the body's water balance, thereby disrupting the long phase of sleep.

    And do not forget Monitor the temperature Air in the bedroom. The optimal temperature for a healthy sleep is 20-22 ° C. Too hot or too cool air will only complicate the process of falling asleep and sleeping.

    How to sleep if your back hurts

  6. Difficult to wake up in the morning
    Unfortunately, such a problem is a true companionMost of us. But there are a number of tricks that can make your morning pleasant and cheerful in two counts. Try to set the alarm at the same time, even on weekends. And forget about the button "postpone"!

    "5 more minutes" to the good will not bring, that's for sure. Go to bed earlier, do not think about the bad and just enjoy the long-awaited rest. in this case Morning without stress Guaranteed!

    How to properly sleep and wake up

  7. Convulsions
    Seizure is an involuntary contraction of muscles,Which is often accompanied by unpleasant and even painful sensations. The reasons can be completely different - starting from the wrong posture for sleep, physical overstrain or lack of trace elements and ending with varicose veins.

    If convulsions are your constant night companion, you should immediately consult a doctor. But in general, Get rid of cramps Help preventive gymnastics in the morning and at bedtime, relaxing massage and the optimal posture for sleep.

    9 rules of healthy sleep

  8. heartburn
    Sleep on the left side - that's what Will save you from heartburn at night. This position of the body will help to prevent the contents of the stomach from being thrown into the esophagus and thus relieve the unpleasant sensations. And try not to overeat in the evening, it will certainly help get rid of the problem.
    Rules of healthy sleep
  9. Pain and heaviness in the legs
    Light foot massage before going to bed and relaxing baths - an excellent assistant for pain in the feet. Try to put your feet during sleep a little higher than usual. this Will help to relieve fatigue, Accumulated for the day, as well as relieve the painful sensations.
    How useful to sleep for the spine

Do not close your eyes to the problems with sleep, because the health of your body entirely depends on the quality of sleep and lifestyle!

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