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Citations of Chekhov

Acquaintance with the Chekhov in many of us occurs in theSchool. Someone does not even open the book, someone is limited to the short content of the story given to the house, and someone starts to swallow the book after the book, crying, laughing, not sleeping at night. Paradox, laconism and bright wit of this man without a name conquer from the very first of his works.

Prose writer, playwright, doctor, traveler, Anton Chekhov wrote Under different pseudonyms. The most famous of them - Antosh Chehonte, Makar baldastov, h. Honte - forever separated Chekhov-writer from Chekhov-doctor.

Anton Chekhov

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Redaction "so simple!" Has chosen for you the 11 best statements of this extraordinary, ironic person who do not lose relevance to this day. Probably because human nature, Which Anton Chekhov so subtly understood, does not change with time.

  1. In order to feel happiness in yourself without interruption, even in moments of sorrow and sadness, you need: a) to be able to be satisfied with the present and b) to rejoice in the consciousness that it could be worse.
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  3. You can not demand dirt to not be dirt.
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  5. These wise men are all so stupid that there is nobody to talk to.
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  7. "Know thyself" is a wonderful and useful advice; It's a pity that the ancients did not know how to use this advice.
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  9. Life, in fact, a very simple thing and a person needs to make a lot of effort to spoil it.
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  11. There are people who always speak only smart and good words, but you feel that they stupid people.

Wise, not devoid of warm irony The works of Anton Chekhov Continue to amaze with their labelPenetration. If you have never had anything to do with ion and did not look after the lady with the dog, rather make up for lost time! Be sure to share our selection of quotes with friends - even if they remember the genius classics and the great soul of man.