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How to save money

Since childhood, each of us has a piggy bank, inWhich we save money for some nice little thing. With age, requests are growing, and with them, and the amount necessary to realize the dream. To save for the necessary thing sometimes takes years, but all because we do it wrong and ourselves attract poverty.

Why do some people quickly achieve financial goals, and some fail? Share in a proven way that will teach you how to properly store and multiply your savings.

How to save money

How to save money

Popular signs

  1. Money should be kept in a good purse. Do not be stingy when buying a product, pay attention to color and quality. They say that money like red color and natural materials. It is also recommended not to throw out old wallets.
  2. Try to get rid of small coins, dirty and tattered notes, and also written banknotes. They carry the energy of the previous owner, so spend them first.

    How to save money

  3. Not a place in the wallet and old checks, bills, used tickets and other garbage.
  4. Will not bring financial well-being and means,Which were received accidentally or dishonestly. It is better to spend them with benefit: sacrifice the poor or for treatment. Positive energy will favorably affect the financial situation.
  5. Everyone knows the simple truth: "money loves the account". do not forget about it! And with savings should be done differently: savings are not tolerated when they are too often recounted.

    How to save money

  6. Financial luck will bring a small talisman in your wallet. For example, a bill or a coin with your year of birth. But to store there photos of the family is not worth it. This violates cash flow.
  7. Never spend all the cash. So that the wallet is always full, at least one bill must remain in the wallet.
  8. We all used to save money for blackDay, but such an arrangement only aggravates the financial situation. Such a formulation programs you to poverty, since the law of attraction acts: if you always think about dark times, then they will come. It is better just to save, save or save on something useful, for example, on vacation.

    How to save money

Ritual "magic stash"

For financial well-being

  1. Quickly accumulate a certain amount and attract wealth to the house will help you this ancient ritual. It will suit both thrifty people, and spender. The main thing is to believe and fulfill all that is required.
  2. Take 27 banknotes. It can be banknotes and coins of different denominations and for any amount. Find in the house a secret in which you will keep money. You can hide Stash Under a mattress, in a book, in a jar or in a more inventive way.


  3. When everything is decided with the storage place, take one coin or a note and say: "A stash for luck! I put money and live happily! "
  4. After that hide your money. The next day, repeat the same procedure. Postpone the money within 27 days without a pass, otherwise it will not work. "Magic zanachka" harmonizes the cash flow, and also brings up the habit of saving money with a positive attitude.

Dispose of the money correctly, so that you never feel needy. Let the secrets of monetary magic help you cope with chronic lack of money and bring prosperity to the house!