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How to choose jeans

Jeans - clothes that you can easily findIn any wardrobe. It seems that it would be impossible to invent a thing! Jeans are incredibly practical and do not require special care. This wardrobe is so universal that in ordinary jeans you can easily go to the store and to the solemn event.

So how can you choose the most cherished pair that will become the most beloved and irreplaceable subject of the wardrobe? Redaction "so simple!" Shares simple tricks that will help you easily find the perfect pair of jeans just for you.

How to choose jeans by the type of figure

How to choose jeans

  1. hourglass
    Holders of this type of figure stylists strongly recommend to emphasize the ideal shape! Jeans with an overstated waist - a faithful assistant in this matter. Boldly choose High-necked jeans.

    The width of the pants can be completely different. However, it is worth avoiding flared jeans from the hip - they will significantly increase the hips and distract attention from the aspen waist.

    How to choose jeans

  2. Tall and long-legged
    Flared jeans This season is headed by all the fashion collections. If you are the owner of long and slender legs, this is the style for you! At high ladies, these jeans look well, very nice. But little ladies should not experiment with this model, because they easily "eat" 4-5 cm of growth and significantly increase the hips.
    How to choose jeans by the type of figure
  3. pear
    Stylish "boyfriends" - that is necessary for ladies with appetizing hips. This style is noticeable Will hide the volumes And will suit absolutely any image. And "boyfriends" with an inflated waist will also hide the undesirable tummy!
    How to choose jeans for a pear figure
  4. Inchchovochkam - straight cut!
    Straight tight jeans help Visually draw the figure, Especially if it is a fabric of dark shades. Light abrasions on the hips will help to give the figure the desired volume. And that's what should be avoided by ladies who are not very tall, so these are too wide or short trousers. Wide jeans make the figure more squat, and too short - impudently steal the length of the legs.
    How to choose jeans for a figure
  5. Broad shoulders and narrow hips
    Rough and wide "boyfriends" - an ideal option for this type of figure. They will help to make the figure more taut and Balance up and down. The main thing - choose jeans of more light summerShades. By the way, other types of the figure "boyfriends" are not prohibited at all. They look great on almost all young ladies and are combined with completely different images.
  6. Young women with forms
    Dark dense Jeans narrow cut Ideally underline your figure. But remember, skinny jeans must necessarily be a high fit. Thus, an easy effect of the tightening and balance between the bust and hips is achieved.
    How to choose jeans for wide hips
  7. Make the figure round and feminine
    This simple trick will help to give the figure a coveted shape, emphasizing virtues. Narrow short trousers In this case - the ideal option. They visually round the buttocks, thereby making the figure well very feminine.

    But do not forget that this model can significantly reduce the growth of the owner. The perfect combination of short pants - with high-heeled shoes.

    How to choose women's jeans in size

Following simple recommendations, you can easily pick up the perfect pair of irreplaceable jeans. And several models of different colors and styles will make your wardrobe diverse and unrivaled!

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