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Hairstyles for a round face on medium hair

Multi-layered haircut - the first commandment of beauties with a round, like the moon,Face. Do not wear a thick straight bangs, because it makes the facial features rough. It is better to choose asymmetry, which will give ease. To remove hair back - it is forbidden, the ears should be covered!

Hairstyles for a full round face Are always interesting. Properly selected haircut improves the proportions, emphasizes the eyes, gives the face a pleasant expression. Minus age, plus charm! I'm sure you'll find some brilliant ideas here ...

Pay attention to how well on shortHair looks gray and gray hair color. This option is suitable for women with massive facial features! Many now cease to paint over the gray hair, at the same time look charming ...

Hairstyle for round face female

Hairstyles for a round face on medium hair

  1. Short ragged haircut
    Such an air bang transforms a person with roundCheeks, gives him a relaxed and at the same time fragility. The haircut is laconic, but lateral strands, in combination with a short fringe in front, counterbalance all traits and ennoble the oval face.
    Hairstyle for round face female
  2. Multilayered luxury
    Of course, such a haircut is suitable Women with thick hair. Yet it must be laid every morning, using special means. But the result, girls, is worth it! How open the face turns out, how the eyes shine ...
    Hairstyle for round face female
  3. Careless mane
    This haircut is so reminiscent of a flower! It is best to combine such a longline haircut with melioration, which will advantageously shade each strand. Yes, this haircut is suitable for courageous, strong-willed women. Those who are not afraid to attract attention! It lengthens the face advantageously and has a wonderful rejuvenating effect.
    Hairstyle for a round face with a bangs
  4. the wind of change
    From such a hairstyle and blows to someFrivolity! For a woman who is very tired of endless responsibilities, who wants to try a new, free image. The main thing - to find a good master who will carefully give a haircut playfulness, but at the same time take into account the individual characteristics of the person.
    Hairstyle for a round face with a bangs
  5. winter cherry
    Asymmetry makes the image mysterious and coversAny shortcomings. When you look at a woman after an asymmetrical haircut, she looks much fresher! The presented version looks awesome on gray hair. Oblique bangs will transform the face in a magical way, even if the haircut is slightly longer!
    Hairstyle for medium hair
  6. Explosive cascade
    If you have the right facial features, I recommendAt least once to try to make such a haircut! The result is an attractive image that you want to consider. A short cascade looks good even on fine hair.
    Hairstyle for medium hair photo
  7. Spectacular pixie
    Just look at the side curls! They form a triangle, and it looks stunning. Torn strands look fashionable, stylish, youth! And do not be afraid of this: the rejuvenating effect is magnificent.
    Hairstyle for a round face
  8. Short bean adorned with bangs
    How feminine! An oblique parting, an elegant bangs, soft lines of strands falling on the shoulders. I want to admire this hairdress with bated breath! Many women choose this option because it's easy enough to take care of. dream…
    Hairstyle for a round face photo
  9. Mischief without despair
    Boys' hairstyles? This is the juice! I believe that boyish haircuts in women of age - this is a miracle. This means that a woman is not afraid to show herself, has a vivid imagery, has an inimitable style. Well also what, what the round face, and a hairstyle - korotenkaja? Even a boyish haircut looks elegant, if done with a soul, and wear it with dignity.
    Hairstyle for a round face photo

Look, What hairstyles for a round face It is recommended to choose according to individual characteristics. How fascinating! Really want an elegant hairstyle ...

A new hairstyle will give you more self-confidence and pleasure from life! Show your girlfriends interesting options: there will be something to discuss, I do not doubt.