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Independence of the child

Every mother wants to raise a little assistant who, without screams and reminders, will carry out small assignments. It is a mistake to believe that Help children to parents Only facilitates the management of the economy, because the responsibilities form the nature of the baby and positively affect his personality.

Psychologists Bernis Grunwald and Harold MaccabiArgue that children, helping around the house, feel themselves full members of the family, learn to be independent and not to be afraid of responsibility. A circle of worries that can safely be trusted to a small family member, looks like this.

Independence of the child

Bring up a helper

  1. Teach children to small businesses from a very early age. Kids are interested in coping with such minor tasks with adults.


  2. A crumb with great enthusiasm will help you with this.

    Help children to parents

  3. The child becomes more skilful and inquisitive, so he will cope with such homework.

    Independence of the child

  4. Preschoolers need to be taught to be independent and responsible. Ask him to carry out such instructions.


  5. For first-graders this list of cases will do.

    Help mom

  6. At this age, one can expand the circle of duties around the house.


  7. Schoolchildren will easily cope with these orders of the parents.

    Child helps

  8. From 11 years old Children help my mother In cooking, cleaning, washing.


  9. At such an age a teenager can perform serious tasks, control his time, make decisions.

    What to charge the child

The joint pastime with children for household chores will benefit the whole family! Show the child that, in addition to cartoons, there are many more interesting and developing activities.