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Prophylaxis of prostatitis in men

Moderation in everything - that's what you need to rememberMen who care about the health of their prostate! It is very unfortunate, but most of the male representatives underestimate the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise for their body. Turns out, some products are the best Treatment of chronic prostatitis!!

Prophylaxis of prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis in men

If you regularly include these foods in your menu, you can keep your prostate healthy until old age!

  1. Nuts
    Nuts, especially Brazilian and walnuts, contain zinc. This element is extremely important for maintaining strong male health! It is also useful to eat raw pumpkin seeds.
  2. green tea
    A weak green tea, rich in antioxidants, will help the body cope with any infection and will become a good prevention Prostate cancer.
  3. turmeric
    Curcumin, Which is contained in this bright eastern spice, helps to strengthen immunity. You can add turmeric to your food, or you can drink special drinks, for example, warm milk with turmeric.
  4. Broccoli + tomatoes
    A combination of these vegetables - a healing mixture for the male body! We recommend eating dishes with these vegetables at least once every 3 days, especially for those who already had problems with the prostate gland.
  5. Garnet
    Garnet helps reduce cholesterolIn the blood, reduce blood pressure, and also improves blood circulation in the body. Antioxidants in the pomegranate prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer. The perfect product that will help a man stay healthy!

To avoid problems with the prostate gland, you need to protect yourself. At the first sign Inflammation of the prostate It is necessary to exclude alcohol and coffee from the menu (they contribute to the development of an unpleasant disease) and consult a doctor!

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